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    Any updated LF Guide guys. Thanks in advance

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    Basic Tree:
    • [Piercing Star] and [Edged Fan] were maxed out because they are included in your DPS rotation. Yes, you heard that right; Light Fury has unnaturally high damage potential, despite his role. It'd be a waste not to take advantage of it.
    • [Physical Mastery], [Feint], [Aerial Evasion] and [Fake Log] were maxed out because they boost your survival rate. A dead healer is a bad healer.
    • The rest of the skills are taken for utility purpose. [Circle Gore] helps you land faster; [Shadow Hand] can be used to break a monster's shield or push things slightly faster; and [Mind Conquer] eliminates any concern regarding MP consumption.

    Bringer Tree:
    • The left side of the tree (and Chakra Cure) were maxed out because these skills are the core of your build. Without them, you may as well play other class.
    • The right side of the tree were abandoned entirely because: 1) Not enough SP after maxing out essential skills; 2) Not enough utility or damage to warrant SP allocation.
    • The rest of the skills are taken because of their low SP requirement and decent utility.

    Light Fury Tree:
    • The only non-essential skill in this tree is [Awakened Passive] Chakra Illusion. You are free to abandon this skill entirely and use those SP elsewhere, but personally I find its extra damage and dash speed rather useful.

    • The four skill heraldry slots should be reserved for the following skills: [Chakra Miracle] action speed, [Ring Strike] cooldown decrease, [Outbreak] cooldown decrease and [Sunshine Spark] action speed increase.
    • [Chakra Miracle] action speed plate is necessary to reduce the risk of your main healing skill from being cancelled.
    • [Ring Strike] cooldown decrease plate is used to achieve better synergy with [Edged Fan] cooldown (for Class Mastery III). It also enables you to use [Ring Strike] twice while [Unseen Art] is active.
    • [Outbreak] cooldown decrease plate is used to allow one more usage while [Unseen Art] is active. It also enables you to have smooth and flowing DPS rotation by having this skill available as soon as possible.
    • [Sunshine Spark] action speed is used to reduce casting speed and after-cast delay and prevent you from wasting too much time while [Unseen Art] is active.
    • Additional slots should be reserved for enhancement heraldry, but if you wish to use more skill heraldry (not recommended), then you should go with either [Chakra Cure] action speed, [Piercing Star] damage/cooldown or [Edged Fan] damage.

    • [Unseen Art] lasts for 15 seconds and it allows you to trigger an additional 3185% damage whenever one of the following skills is used: [Outbreak], [Full Brightness], [Ring Strike], [Sunshine Spark] and [Chakra Grip].
    • [Unseen Art] has a unique 5% additional damage debuff that stacks with conventional debuff. This debuff lasts for 5 seconds and refreshes whenever you use the aforementioned trigger skills.
    • [Unseen Art] damage is based on how many trigger skills you use, hence the reason why cooldown and aspd plates are so important.
    • Theoretically, it is possible to use 4 [Outbreak EX], 2 [Full Brightness], 2 [Ring Strike EX], 1 [Sunshine Spark EX] and 3 [Chakra Grip] without buff from Sorceress/Machina, so long as you time your skills perfectly.
    • [Outbreak EX] takes the first and highest priority over everything else due to its low cooldown and high damage. You must use it at the moment it was ready in order to achieve max possible DPS with [Unseen Art].
    • [Chakra Grip] takes the second priority and should be used before 3 second mark and 9 second mark, after which it is no longer possible to use [Chakra Grip] with [Unseen Art]. Again, you must use it at the moment it was ready.
    • [Ring Strike EX] takes the third priority and should be used before 3 second mark, after which it is no longer possible to use another [Ring Strike EX] with [Unseen Art]. It is best used in conjunction with Class Mastery III, immediately after the first [Chakra Grip].
    • [Sunshine Spark EX] takes the fourth and lowest priority since you can only use it once under the duration of [Unseen Art], regardless of how quick you were. It's best to use this skill right before you activate [Unseen Art] and immediately after the second [Ring Strike EX] when it's close to 15 second mark.
    • [Awakened] Piercing Star may be used in-between the above four skills, so long as it does not interrupt your [Unseen Art] rotation.

    • AGI build is generally cheaper than STR build, but make no mistake; you may take either option for your jades but you need both STR and AGI in your heraldry and talisman slots.
    • Prioritize on raising your physical attack power as high as you can, since this number affects both your healing potency and your damage potential.
    • Don't be stingy and/or wasteful with your healing skills. A dead healer is a bad healer, but a healer who does not heal their team properly may as well drop dead.
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