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Are Ravens Good DPS

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  • Are Ravens Good DPS

    been looking at new dps classes to play and i thought of ravens and i havent touhed him since lvl 90 cap i wonder how good he is now whether i can still use him, i am not really looking for OP class but someone that can do decent dps and fun to play

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    I would say it's right in the middle in terms of DPS.
    People would tell you it's the worst sin right now but I still rate it above AW at least, I consistently outdps AW with same gear in pub pt, maybe there's alot that bandwagon to AW after their buff so they probably doesn't know how to maximize them.
    BP/Ripper with the same gear on the other hand will outdps raven and you won't be competing in the same role as LF so can't compare with that.
    Raven is probably the easiest to play among sin classes, you don't need to kiss the boss to deal damage.

    So it is still decent for casual runs and fun if you like easy to play classes.


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      Ha ppl love to bandwagon, we barely see ravens in nest ranking so sad.... Looks like a cool DPS char

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    Speaking of DPS AW is basically the strongest sin right now unless bp is facing off a dragon then AW won't be able to outdps bp only in dragon stages btw, But yeah it's true that a lot of people are bandwagoning AW right now because of the revamp also it depends on the player's experience with the class to be able to maximize one's dps
    As for raven i think its in the Tier 2 dps right now or probably in between Tier 1 and Tier 2 still fun to play especially with it's dream jade