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  • AH Comeback?

    My fellow heretics out there i want to ask you a you guyss think arch heretic will still be buffed or is hope rlly gone for us heretics T-T?

    ~Seriphamte: Majesty~
    Kuroyamizu:Arch Heretic

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    Wait for about a few months or years because right now latest patch in KDN became flurry is the most strongest class that everyone should use because flurries got buffed even though they said it's going to be nerfed and to have the weaker classes be buffed so yeah Fvck class balancing just buff it all into flurry lol


    • Seriphamte/Kuroyamizu
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      ye why would they buff an already op af(erratic powah!!!!) class while leaving the weak to rot? >.<

    • Knee
      Knee commented
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      I've seen Bifrost hitting 20b and the Flurry is not even geared to the teeth, somehow they decide to add 40% more to it coz apparently that's not enough.
      I just hope that's the new beginning for balance where they will boost few classes to the same level every month until they're done with it coz right now Flurry is way too strong.

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    IMO, I think the Devs have no idea how to rework AH.

    AH needs a rework badly for 3 reasons: a) AH DPS sucks ass; b) AH gameplay is too repetitive and c) AH gameplay isn't fit for this meta's 'burst or die' mechanic.
    AH has a nice niche/gimmick though. Hit constantly to gain bubbles for your strongest skill (like a masochist). The problem with AH now is that he's completely reliable to Carnage spamming which is boring and sucky at the same time. Another is that Devastation is horrible for mobile bosses (which is like 90% of the nest bosses).

    I'm not even mentioning bugs and AH's weird fetish for good ping. Even 'Yellow' (151+ms) ping messes up AH's fluidity.


    • marzial09
      marzial09 commented
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      I just wish they'd at least make all his skills somehow gather nightmare points so devastation doesn't have to rely solely on carnage and chaos shield....also reduce sawblades cd to 20 to at least give him something good even if its not on par with what they do to the top tier classes

    • Zhenri XD 26
      Zhenri XD 26 commented
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      Make carnage some kind of auto attack passive instead coz who wants a cancelled carnage?

      Soul steal and land corruption heal effect outdated AF

      Evil hand cast speed too slow and gets cancelled

      Make sawblade
      NOT disappear after being thrown
      Chain properly with cm3

      Also, wtf is cruel rush even doing?

      Aie rework the thing. It sucks on mobile bosses and misses most of the time.