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[ASK] Saint or Inqui

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  • [ASK] Saint or Inqui

    I know both have different usage.

    Saint being the more of a supporting type and Inqui more of a DPS type but may i ask which one is better in nests?

    Mostly i do solo dungeons but since i kinda wanted to go bigger nest, i need peoples help if i wanted to stay on Saint. Idk why i felt like useless if i play alone but i can't just rely on other peeps on dealing the damage

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    If you mostly do dungeons solo, you'll have better time playing an inqui.
    Usually people either go with solo healer or no healer at all for nests so playing an inqui makes it easier for you to get in a party given that you gear yourself accordingly.


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      Between those two? Inquisitor.
      • You don't really need healer for 4-man nests. The mechanics are pretty simple, unlike those in 8-man nests.
      • There are many classes with self-heal ability (e.g Gladiator's Awakened Front Shove, Black Mara's Wraith Form, Flurry/Sting Breezer's Wall Maker).
      • No shortage of public party recruiters screaming "N>HDPS, link your weapon".

      Saint may still be needed in 8-man nests, but even then I doubt they could win against Light Fury (unusually high damage, despite class role) and Physician (random buff/heal from Dispenser, decent damage). If it were me, I'd choose the latter two over Saint every time.

      Last but not least, I don't see a reason why you should play a support type class, when you play mostly solo dungeons.


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        I see, i make saint because back then i have some people to play with, but yeah they are kinda newbies in DN so i want to help them enjoy by healing them lol. But now thanks to you guys i can make up my mind imma change myself to Inqui. Thankyou!


        • Estrello
          Estrello commented
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          Good boy, inqui is the best. You won't regret it.

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        I won't bother or feel bad whenever if I picked Saint.
        BST is now the trend.

        Where most of the time you do it solo.
        Except Coop-Quests.

        But the faster DPS Approach is Inquisitor,
        So everyone will surely recommend Inqui for its adaptability.
        Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


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          I'm a saint but i recommend go inqui since u can earn gold fast by doing BST
          Saint requires u to put relic to get high dps :3


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            I'm a main Saint, and I'm enjoying to play solo. At least can DPS and self Heal in emergency.
            It's depend on how do you control your char.
            But for better DPS sure you should play Inquisitor.
            On the top of that, just play which desired, enjoyable and suitable class for you, then master it.


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              I can conclude after changing to Inqui that both have their perks, Saint is fun because u can burst the boss with the Shock of Relic and Holy Burst but Inqui can do more damage because the relic can be difficult to placed right


              • Mr.Shovels
                Mr.Shovels commented
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                Saint is out of place in the recent changes in the game, not to mention that class roles have now become DPS dependent, which means any class that are dps is useful, any class that aren't good in DPS is useless, not to mention without having the proper management, gearing and connections, you are gonna be alone doing solo dungeons and nests for the rest of your gameplay experience in your life time.

                And in my opinion, Crusader has the upper hand over Inquisitor, but i'm not saying inquisitor is the least one you pick over crusader, its just that i've experienced both and Inquisitor is just too nitpicky for positioning and requires the best timing to use his skills, while crusader on the other hand you just need fast fingers to keep on using his abilities again and again (which is why i got bored pretty much in the game)

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              Saint is fun to play and superior in party support. Bind Relic when cast near enemies increases damage by 20%. Cure Relic not only provides continuous debuff removal (more important in cases when boss is burning or poisoning the party continuously) it also increases movement speed by 15%. Casting relics increases your int by 50% for 5 seconds and holy burst increases your light attack by 10% for 20 secs. A saint if done right can dish out decent offense and assists in increasing your party's damage. And of course the focus on heals (heal, great heal, heal relic), invincibility (immortality), debuff removal (cure and miracle relic) buffing (protection shell, miracle relic) allows your party to focus more on attacking.