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Avalanche's PVP after June 2020's Patch

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  • Avalanche's PVP after June 2020's Patch

    I know it's late to write this, so sorry.
    I'm Laythena, an Avalanche user in pvp. Today I'm write about this topic.

    As a main Avalanche user's in pvp, she's actually okay to be used but weakness is on how low SAB and SA in general which make her not easy to play.
    However, after June patch which update her...honestly, she's got worsening instead.

    These are the pros and cons of Avalanche in pvp after June 2020's patch, based on my experience on playing her after June's Patch.

    + Lots of lift attacks to combo.
    + Very high value of frostbite (30%) on [Awakening] Blizzard Shooter and [Awakening] Frosty Cross.
    + Agile enough.
    + [Awakening] Fatal Stinger is very fast and can unreadable.
    + Very high SAB on Lava Raid after buff.
    + Buffed SAB on Thrust.
    + Can canceling main skills with other skills or Tumble.
    + Have parrying effect on Splitter EX and Fatal Stinger which can used to block incoming damage.

    - No i-frames except on Parrying Step.
    - Have lots of extreme low Super Armor because they nerfed to actually can canceled by just 1 hit of Triple Slash or any skills (except Land Crush, the only high SA skill in Knightess).
    - Have lots of bad Super Armor Break and now Half Cutting, [Awakening] Brandish and Blizzard Shooter (the nerf of this not written on June 2020's Patch but it happened) also nerfed. Become very relying on [Awakening] Fatal Stinger and Lava Raid to breaking enemies.
    - Easily punished when attacking. Also easily punished when trying to punish opponents.
    - Low AoE in general.
    - Have low paralyze for a melee-type class due to being pure INT user, making enemy can suddenly use other skill to attack or run after receive hit and SA broken.
    - Needing 5 or more Action Speed plates to useable.
    - Main combo skills hard to dealing damage due to lacking range and SAB, making the class deal low damage dealing without very proper timing.
    - Very relying to deal frostbite to get advantage.
    - Splitter EX's Parrying still hard to activated when attacked.

    This is what I think about Avalanche after June's patch. Honestly, I getting frustrated even more to play her even if played and trained a lot.
    Also, honestly I'm not actually a good or pro Avalanche PVP user even if some said that and I would appreciate opinions from other Avalanche users about this topic.

    Also, if this topic that I created offending without my knowing, I'm so sorry.