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Ruina Skill Sealed ?

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  • Ruina Skill Sealed ?

    Skill [Foot Stomp] & [Rock Away] will sealed sometime for whole dungeon ...
    cant use unless the steam increase (with other skill like flow through)..
    Is that bug or one of skill effect ?

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    Ah, that...
    I remember having my Gear Step being sealed like that often, Idk why it happens, I need insights to this.
    But the solution is to use [Body Checking] > [Ducking] for that
    It will be gone once [Ducking] was activated.

    This happened to me very often in PVE and it's fine for me not having to do combos in time, but rarely in PVP (twice), and when it happens, it puts me in panic since I might not be able to tank opponent's damage in time, that happened to me out of nowhere though lol.
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      i think got bugged when click the skill or use the skill too often...
      sometime i only can use Overheat for boss fight because of this...
      so now i place a skill like Flowup in other skill tap to use to prevent this situation
      Hope Dev can fix this...