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  • Moonlord Skill Rotation

    Whats the best skill rotation for ML? It seems that I do not get enough DPS with ML Any tips would be gladly appreciated.

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    This is the rotation I usually use.

    Brave (buff)
    Cyclone Slash(debuff)>Provoking Slam(debuff)>Instant Halfmoon Slash>Eclipse (Press Space)>X Smash>Halfmoon Slash>Dash or evade an attack

    Impact Wave>Crescent Cleave CM3>Moon Blade Dance

    Don't forget to hold on left click while doing Moon Blade Dance for 50% extra dmg.


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      I use the impact wave cd plate and mbd cd plate for better spamming and halfmoon actionspeed
      You should start with 50 bubbles already
      brave - tornado - provoking slam - Halfmoon ins - x smash , halfmoon
      then spam impact wave - cresent cleave - mbd then tornado and eclipse or moonlight split to to get 20 bubbles,
      if cresent cleave is on cd, spam impact wave - mbd
      rinse and repeat, to get smash x
      remember to always maintain 40-50 bubbles to maximize mbd spam
      Always use provoking slam every time its done cd
      you can use skills like halfmoon slash eclipse tornado etc to cancel smash x animation delay at the end of the skill
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        I'm still confused as to why Cleave CM3 is now preferred over MBD CM3. Anyone care to explain?


        • X1989
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          There are many things to consider when using CC over MBD like boss size, distance, etc.
          Overall I guess CM3 CC is prefered because after that you can still use MBD and got more damage than usual rotation with CM3 MBD
          Also in case something goes wrong, you can use parry on CM3 CC, while CM3 MBD cannot

        • vangeodee
          vangeodee commented
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          So it's more of a playstyle difference than damage difference then? I can see cleave cm3 being better on dragon size bosses, but anything else it wouldn't be as effective as mbd cm3.

          I also disagree with cleave being 3rd on the skill distribution. With correct positioning, you can land consistent 6 hits on splitter, cleave or smash can't match that kind of damage output; unless we're talking about a dragon sized boss then bets are off, but for majority of cases (i.e. maze/core/trial etc) I still maintain that splitter will do more.
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        • pewpewistheman
          pewpewistheman commented
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          I really dont get the mechanics of moonlight splitter, i rarelly do 6 hits at any range, ive been practicing at BGT and i cant do a consistent 6hit skill