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Underwhelming Awakening active of Destroyer

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  • Underwhelming Awakening active of Destroyer

    am i the only one who thinks this? and only include them in my rotation IF ALL SKILLS ARE IN COOLDOWN!
    because of long casting of AC(i mean destro already has slow skill casting) and not really usefull utility of CM

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    Yeah its that bad. If ur BMJ is +10 with CD plate, you don't even need to bother with AC.


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      I play destro as main and yeah it sucks, hopefully they change assault crash or just increase its casting speed would be nice


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        Crash mode is almost close to useless, the super armor is subpar and the utility can be overshadowed by fs and mh, also damage is poop( if you use it for damage ), assault crash has already been buffed with action speed and it still is low tier skill dmg rank, compare them with smash x, hyper drive or other warrior awakening active, i mean overtaker has also long casting but at least it does good amount of damage + great bubble generator, destro bubble is also a big ????? for me