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  • Mosa art commission

    Hi so I'm starting to sell commission again, please feel free to Facebook message me at
    since I don't get notifications here or whatsoever.

    Price range :
    10k gold = sketches ***Note*** additional character(s) = 5k gold each
    20k gold = Colour and stuffs *** additional character(s) = 10k gold each
    40k gold = Proper rendering *** additional character(s) = 20k gold each
    ^ Up till ankle (reason : I don't like to draw background, let alone floor itself, since it's part of background)

    And no I don't do chibi... sorry

    Quality of work depends on your screenshots (details), but best to show me your character online so I can take SS myself.
    If you want me to draw weapons/wings/etc, that depends on how the weapon looks (eg. extremely complicated details),
    I will still try to draw it (except for stuffs like Theano, that can go to hell), but it may add a little bit more extra charges.

    Proper Rendering

    Colour and stuffs


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