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    Take a seat, we'll be with you shortly!
    Have a look at our menu in the meantime and contact us once you've decided!


    Brownies $8
    Bite sized and perfect for all occasions
    - Consists of one headshot/bustup cropped to fit as an icon/avatar -

    Donuts $12
    Served with a glaze of greyscale and topped with some simple shading!
    - Consists of one sketch shaded in greyscale -

    Mini Waffles $16
    A miniature version of our regular waffles, served with a topping of simple shades and perfect for the younger ages.
    - Consists of younger version of commissioned character, typically drawn cuter or genderbended -


    - No shirt, no shoes, no service AKA No NSFW -
    - Characters aside from DN are still allowed -
    - Payment must be made before I start -

    If you'd like to place an order, please use the form provided when using one of the contact choices below!
    - IGN
    - Menu Choice
    - Description (character's personality, pose, etc)
    - Reference

    Additional charges apply for extra toppings!
    All prices are in USD, if you have anything you'd like to clarify, contact us at the following

    || Tumblr - (More samples here) || Discord - Kiyo#3532 || Email - ||
    Thanks for visiting!

    || Tumblr ||