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Bleed Phantom siblings, Bashaar & Ummar.

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  • raisu
    i just saw this omg ;-; i havent been on forums forever UUUUUUU HOLDS WIFY AND OUR CHILDREN

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  • Mina-P
    started a topic Bleed Phantom siblings, Bashaar & Ummar.

    Bleed Phantom siblings, Bashaar & Ummar.

    Messy color sketch of Bleed Phantom siblings, the arabian bois, Bashaar and Ummar.

    Bashaar is the older of the two, pretty face, charismatic, seemingly kind (actually cunning AF, and lot of hidden agendas). He makes everyone feels good about themselves but the truth is he never care about anyone except for Ummar. Yet, no one knows his true manipulative nature.

    Ummar is the cranky younger brother. He never really smile because he's tired 24/7 (having insomnia). Easily snap at people because of it and you may find him passed out on any random places. Harsh in word choices but actually the good hearted one compared to his evil brother.

    Art belongs to me.
    Ummar - mine Mina-P
    Bashaar - raisu
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