NOTE: Forgive me for not having a proper format yet. I'm doing this as a sort of template first. Formatting will come later.

Hi, I'm quite new to the community. My brother just notified me of this place and I thought of giving it a try. I haven't drawn something up recently but here are my samples. You can also see them via: (Will work on updating this page. I've left it since 2017. uwu)

To start off my shop, I'll be giving at least 2 sketches (for free) to anyone who comments or sends me a shot of their characters. I'll decide on what I'll do on it. I'll be working on it shortly to hasten the opening of my shop. Thank you!

1. OCCUPIED (messaged via FB page)
2. OCCUPIED (messaged via FB page)

For more samples or photos, you may contact me on the page I provided above. I'm active there and on telegram via @uwuWoofles
Just send me a message with a heading RE: Dragon Nest SEA Free Illustration.