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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Rwa8VDc.png Views:	1 Size:	231.9 KB ID:	167971

    twitter || dA || instagram || tumblr || twitch || facebook
    discord: last#0091
    IGN: Lilaeths
    For any contact queries, you can ping me at my twitter, my discord, or leave a mail on my character Lilaeths (not recommended).

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    Terms of Service
    • If using my art, give credit to httpouji. Just a mention is fine; but if you want to tag or link, tag @httpouji on twitter, hatsu-ne on DeviantArt, or httpouji on Instagram.
    • You [commissioner] are not authorised to use my art for commercial purposes without due notification.
    • If you have a deadline, inform me beforehand to prevent unnecessary conflict. My schedule is sometimes unpredictable and I may take longer than expected.
    • If you prefer being updated, regularly or not, please let me know.
    • Any other further preference you have can be added in, if needed.
    • I will send you the sketch as soon as I'm done.
    • Kindly inform me if you see my art stolen/used without permission.
    • I reserve the right to post finished art commissions on my social media which includes and is not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    • All commissions come with a solid colour, gradient, or transparent background by default. Background requests will not be entertained.

    Payment Methods Accepted
    • Paypal (Invoice will be issued)
    • Gold (Subject to exchange rate, transaction will be logged)
    • Costume Sets (Transaction will be logged)
    • Any other method not mentioned here should be discussed privately through my Twitter DMs, or Discord.

    Refer to the second post before filling in the form.

    Contact Information: Discord/Twitter/Facebook
    Email (if using Paypal):
    Regular Updates: Yes/No
    Commission type: Sketchy+Uncoloured / Clean+Coloured (Pick 1 combo)
    Bust/Half Body/Full Body (Pick 1)
    Complexity fee for wings/armour/weapons: Yes/No
    Extra Information: Personality/Pose/Expression
    Character References:
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    twitter | facebook | instagram | twitch | last#0091

    art commissions here.

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    Samples and Prices Click image for larger versionName:	iAq4hgh.pngViews:	1Size:	231.2 KBID:	167972
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Ribbet collage.jpg
Views:	78
Size:	98.4 KB
ID:	167977

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Ribbet collage 2.jpg
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ID:	167978
    Dos and Don'ts
    Slight NSFW
    ✓ Your own characters
    ✓ Animal ears/tail.
    ✓ Couples are okay if you give pose references.

    ✕ Males.
    ✕ More than two person in one artwork.
    ✕ Heavy Mecha/Armour/Detailed weapons.
    ✕ Furries and pets, unless only animal ear/tail.
    ✕ Detailed gore, any genitalia.
    Very plus sized characters.

    Before commissioning, please keep in mind that I'm weak at: armour, curly/wavy hair, fur.
    Will be subject to extra payment depending on complexity.

    Ordering Instructions
    • If you have questions, ask me on my twitter or discord mentioned above.
    • Fill in the form below. More than one reference, be it other arts or your own, are preferred. References must be in clear lighting.
    • If the sketch is acceptable, send me the full payment within 3 days. For Paypal users, an invoice will be sent.
    • If no payment is given, it will be assumed as cancelled unless you inform me of an alternate payment date. 50% will be refunded if you cancel while I'm working on the lineart, and absolutely no refunds will be made if you've paid and wish to cancel when I'm colouring.
    • If you are in the queue and wish to change your mind afterwards, please inform me via twitter/discord.
    • If you wish to be updated regularly on progress, please inform me as well.
    • Leave your forms here or in my email at
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    twitter | facebook | instagram | twitch | last#0091

    art commissions here.


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      Another reserve for future purposes!
      twitter | facebook | instagram | twitch | last#0091

      art commissions here.


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        Bump for this~!


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          :'> thanks bb <3

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        Up for waifu <3


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          broken images in your first post tho
          Art by PitchB1ack
          Art by PitchB1ack


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            Weird @@ Is it working now?

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            yep! just wanted to let you know in case you weren't aware

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            thank you so much <3

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          Click image for larger version

Name:	lila.png
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ID:	168102

          sorc doodle.
          click for twt link.
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          twitter | facebook | instagram | twitch | last#0091

          art commissions here.