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    [[ Self-Introduction ]]
    Hello everybody!
    Welcome to my art shop!
    Decided to open an art shop to fund my character and better improve my art skills!

    [[ Price List ]]

    Accepting payments made in Dragon Nest SEA currency [To be further discussed on ordering]

    Manga Style(/w or /w.o speech bubbles/dialogue)
    (Price based on type of style)

    Color styles are:
    - Monochrome(Based on your color choices!)
    - Cell shading

    Portrait : ~10,000 Gold
    Half Body : ~15,000 Gold
    Full Body : ~25,000 Gold
    Weapons/Wings/Pets/Mounts/Spirits/Coloring will have extra charges incurred depending on the complexity of the design.
    **Please don't ask for backgrounds as I'm still learning on that**

    [[ How it works ]]

    Provide me details on your order in this format
    - IGN
    - Order (Portrait/Half/Full & B/W or Colored)
    - Details regarding your request (pose/style/facial expressions)
    - Additional requests (Weapons, etc.)
    - References (The more references you give, the more detailed the drawing can be)
    - Email Address

    - Payment must be made upon ordering.
    - No refunds will be made upon cancelling after ordering.
    - Any requests out of Dragon Nest are welcomed!

    (Note: Please do not crop out my name or use as own! >:T)

    [[ Contacts ]]

    You can reach me on Facebook/Discord/DeviantART/Forums(this thread duh)

    Facebook :
    DeviantART :
    Discord : Sharlene#5037