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    We are Level 40 PVE International Guild now! <3

    ''Geared only makes you win half of the battle , Skills that makes a player different! No Pain , No Gain! ''

    If you having same mindset as ours, we are welcome you always given you able to fulfill 3 basic requirement below.

    Members Requirements:

    -Only English in guild chat

    -Don't leech/begging on anyone for nesting

    -Proactive in learning ( Initiate discussion, Watch video and etc)

    Some other information / message:

    Apart from guild event, we are currently attempting RUDN HC Raid under NekoUrara team .

    Suprisingly we manage reach Stage 2 within 2nd practices with most member geared with Medea and no full calypse member nor full genesis.

    (*There is nothing possible until you try out* )

    If you are member with good attitude and able to commit well to become a better player.

    We don't care how geared or how ungeared you are. We believe skills and commitment can cover most of that. We treat everyone same.

    ** Nest Learning / Raid learning**

    We don't mind if you don't have experience. But you need to be proactive to initiate learning by watching video mechanics and etc. We won't spoon feed you .

    We only value your commitment . Relying HDPS to clear nest just indicates how weak you handling nest if you are newbie.

    Of course end game hardcore raid content will have some stat requirement , but please do expect you will commit more to stay in party.

    Kindly DM me NASALord#0554 or mail me in game NASALord for interview
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    Hi, i would like to apply for the guild, i am a returnee to this game , last played this when black dragon raid released, as of now i am overwhelmed. I have just reached level 95 and i have no clue what to next, i read the guides but i dont know what gear to farm, the guild i am now in is sort of dead, no reply when i ask questions in the guild chat, would be nice if i can be in a guild where they can teach me some stuff

    IGN : NeoZxZ


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      Kindly apply DragonAcademy and we will get back to you later. Pls note that we are strict with rules. Make sure you read
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        ~Bump! Still open for recruitment!

        Rune Raid Norm System established! Welcome to any newbie that want to learn rune norm!
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          Heyooo, I'm a returning player from Westwood server, I quit around when it was still 50 cap so it was years ago. So basically I have no idea what to do now that its already at 95 cap. And if you're willing to take me in your guild, I'll send a request once I go online this weekend.

          IGN: Tob1as

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          • NASALord
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            Sure kindly add me NASALord#0554 in discord

          • Tobito
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            Thanks, I'll do that prolly this Thursday/Friday.

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          Recruit member for RUDN HC raid! Need High Spirited Qualify member! Kindly DM me NASALord#0554 in discord
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            Old Photos of our first RUDN Norm guild run. (all noob gears kek)

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              We proved that we can clear RUDN HC with most member with medea ,no costume , and no genesis.

              We can do better <3
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                Old Guild Group Photo before 93 Cap Ends!

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                    Pew Pew Daily Elf from Rham chan <3

                    We still recruiting member for Raid ! <3

                    Various guild event awaiting you all! <3
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                      Looking for high spirited member to handle guild with me together! Add me NASALord#0554 for info! <3
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                        Looking for 10 char bumpy boompy beepy
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                          Hai, I got interested with your guild since you said you cleared RUDN HC with medea users. If that's the case can I apply for your guild? I dont have a full set of calypse, most are medea, but I'd like to see if it's really possible to clear RUDN HC with medea myself in person. So I hope you accept my humble request
                          FUYAKAI DESU!!!


                          • Vaddix
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                            NASA is just OP, dont get deceived . NASALord carry GDNR too pls.

                          • mrpotatom
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                            OH NO but I would really like a party with medea beings while we clear RUDN HC T_T