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Name:	typhon-logo-2.png
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ID:	156104

    Language: English.
    Guild Base: Channel 6, GTS Bench near TH
    Creation Date: 23rd May 2018.
    Time Zone: GMT +7 / +8 / +9

    ➤ Indonesia
    ➤ Philippines
    ➤ Singapore
    ➤ Malaysia

    Guild Master | Vesa23

    Vice Guild Master |


    • Warrior - Low
    • Archer - Open
    • Sorceress - High
    • Cleric - Open
    • Academic - High
    • Kali - High
    • Assassin - Low
    • Lancea - Medium
    • Machina - High


    Minimum Calypse Tier 2+10 Full Set w/ Unique Jades


    Typhon is an active, English speaking family-oriented guild with players mainly based on the SEA region.

    Our goal is to create a fun, healthy and safe environment for players to experience the game and explore the world of Dragon Nest. We expect you to make the effort of grouping with the others in the guild, progress your gear and learn the game.

    If you think that you're the right person for this guild, continue reading!


    He is known as a monstrous serpentine giant and the most deadly creature in Greek mythology.


    ➤ Discord is mandatory. This means that you must register on our Discord before you join the guild and actively use it during your stay with us.

    ➤ Guild chat is English only. Slang is ok but keep it to a minimum.

    ➤ RMT (Real Money Trading), hacks, cheats, scams, exploits and anything game breaking is discouraged.

    ➤ Asking for User ID/Password/Gold is a ban-able offense.

    ➤ We don't accept leechers/scammers/beggars/snobs/whiners/toxic behavior.


    ✓ Lv40 Guild

    ✓ All available guild buffs are always on.

    ✓ An active Discord server with fun bots.

    ✓ A well-organized officer team.

    ✓GDN Perma Parties & GDN Mat Farming (All free including lessons)

    ✓ FDN Exploration

    ✓ PVE Guild Point Ladder System + Rewards

    ✓ PVP Tournaments


    Players will join as a Recruit. You will eventually be rewarded the Member rank after these conditions are met:

    ✓ 1 month of stay in the guild.

    ✓ Player behavior meets the satisfactory level.

    ✓ Active on Discord (Voice and/or Text Chat).

    ✓ Can be vouched by at least 5 people from the guild.


    ➤ Access to Guild Storage.
    ➤ Exclusive giveaways such as:

    Gift Cards / Steam Games / Steam Wallet Funds / Extra Gold / Extra Materials / Accessories + many more!

    Vesa23 | Saleana | GM of Typhon

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    Dun forgot to add the gear requirement and atleast full unique jades, hahaha. Wanted to join with my sub after the reward but i was scrutinized well and got rejected for not having complete unique jades. Anyway goodluck <3
    ~Severalle | Zachura | Syliveth~


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      Can I join with T3 +20 gears? I believe i'm sophisticated enough to get L jades real quick for guild runs. I don't even need to buy gold because I sell a lot of CC stuff to earn gold.


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        Here is a hint of what players can receive during your stay with us.

        Click image for larger version

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        Vesa23 | Saleana | GM of Typhon


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          wow........... so many freebies...................
          Meme is a thing........ Ugly meme is another thing.....


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            Hi, i just play dn 3 week ago. Is a ml. Quitted dn 2 year ago account did not transfer. And just started back with new acc. Committment wise will mostly online during weekend and public holiday. Will be properly gear maybe around 3 month time? Im going striaght for end game equipment or some part 2nd tier equipment. hence i need sometime.

            Literally end game i mean will be fdn main weapon, acc set. Plates. U know 1. Need sometime since a new account. I setting a timeline for myself, which is within 3 month time.

            using ML as main.
            Can active in game guild chat.
            have discord on phone.
            Seldom use discord through computer unless required for etc raids nest?

            Discord. If going for raid nest training. Yes. Once im propered gear and ready. can use discord(for raid only)

            i had 3 year of exp in dn up to lvl 90 before i quit. Every end cap lvl before i quit. I do arrangement raid nest for practice and clear as well and in end game cap eq on the level cap
            Not sure whether will do again when i join back? Well.. just a return player with new acc and need time to build. (Likely will only want to be a player instead of arranging becuase based on experience last time. It is very tiring. Haha)

            So i pretty know how dn works and gameplay. Currently still in phases of getting used to my class piloting skill too and time frame. Btw last time my main was ml. So should be very fast getting use to pilot as last time. My motivation is only on raid nest.(which is fdn training phases and clearing it).