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    Intro: Cue Power Puff Girls Ost.

    Do you love Guild Drama? Do you like being flamed by 10yos? Do you prefer to fight other people on your keyboard rather than in real life? Then we aren’t the guild for you!
    We are a Spanish guild looking for Swedish members who speak Chinese with a Russian accent. Seeking those real (wo)men who can survive solely on instant noodles and energy drinks. Our guild comprises of veteran members who are as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with the strength of a raging fire and as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Help us defeat the Huns!

    We have only 1 Guild Rule/Guideline:
    1. Thy applicant/future guildmate must be AT LEAST smarter than a Goat.
    1. Thy applicant/future guildmate must only type British accent english words in guildchat.
    1. There are indeed sarcastic people like us (the composers of this) here in Shufflers. But of course we tend to balance it with "right character" at times of need and if necessary. Always remember the "R & R",
    Respect & Responsibility.
    Respect as if like we dudes are siblings from one mother. We steal each other's stuffs in guild storage. jk. "Respecting other guildmates", this practically explain itself already. May it be opinion, culture, nationality, interests, speech etc. Even a kid would know its better to have respect with others despite the differences that surrounds.
    Responsibility. What you do is what you are and will be viewed by the audience around you. Ofcourse if you do join the guild already, manners you portray outside effects may somehow to the name above your IGN and the others who wear the same tho not just pointing out to the negative. Positive character always do get back.
    *International PVP/PVE guild.
    *Not joking this time, we do just speak english in guild chat hahaha.
    *Not looking for a particular "geared" person. Just looking for pips who can atleast interact with us since this is why guild systems are made right? (Obviously... Kang smiles).
    Newbies and Comeback players are veryyyyyyyyy welcome. Actually we prefer these guys since it's not that much kewl if we get joined by a sidechar of a player who is sooo much more active in another guild/personal stuffs and view us as "just a second choice" (Cue brokenheart music).
    *Expect that most of us are still babies in gears. Just a few counted pips has the above-moderate-gears but do have plans for future raids. And yeah we just chill.
    Players can join our guild by posting in this thread the following infos:
    Type: (Comeback/Newbie/Old Player)
    (Note: We ask for nationality not for division purposes but for extracting ways for consensus.)

    or messaging/mailing the members in game.
    A formal test will then be taken through a game of minesweeper. Successful applicants will receive an invite and a personal dance with some dudes here.
    Contact Information:
    -Facebook Page- Currently under construction.
    -Facebook Group-
    FB group is a must tho. we tend to chat mostly there.

    Join now! and aim to ride Tasha with us.
    PS: The pic was done way back the old server. I don't even know if the dudes are still alive or something. Anyways, hazzaahhh!
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    But I love being flamed by cute halpless lolis! D:


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      Bumps owo)b


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        Sanku for bump d(owo)b

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      IGN: Kuroshawa
      Nationality: Indonesia
      Type: my naem is jeff
      Reason : kinda want to find reason to go back into this game despite it's horrible eyeverything

      oh god, why do I always end up being attracted to weirdos

      for all seriousness though,

      >I'm fluent in anjing language, it's an old british english accent which is popular in Gakada city in england
      >I'm rarely online these days and even if I do go online, mostly just checking stuff from th then go poof
      >not really sociable since I kinda dont want to get involved in any online dramas
      >my gear is low tier but I guess I can help nesting if someone ask "directly"
      >I'm having "1 second random screen freeze" issue when playing, so I might goes all emo suddenly
      >I want to join because party = more loots, use to go together with old friend, but his pc went baam so he wont be able to go online for a while which makes me lonely
      >I'm either super loyal or join and left, there is no in between. if I feel comfortable then I will be loyal, if not, then I wont even last for 1 day
      >I'm a top runner of "running away from trouble" so if there is any drama involving me, no matter how small it is, my chance to went poof is higher than 90% and I will never look back. but of course, if it's a rather serious problem, I will take responsibility of it until it's over.
      >I'm having a serious doubt about my intellect being higher than goat, but it definitely is higher than sea pub player's intellectual

      if you are ok with those^^^ kind of person, then by all mean, LET ME JOIN
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        Hey dude. dafek all my messages to you are incomplete/empty. wasn't trying to be formal tho LOL. just a sec will try to reconnect to you
        Discord Server:

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        joined it, confused by it and I suddenly feel so lazy :/

        do I really have to fill those form

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        nahhhh dont. it's just for the sake the bot would be used af

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      Traditionally, the scientific name for the donkey is Equus asinus asinus based on the principle of priority used for scientific names of animals. However, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature ruled in 2003 that if the domestic species and the wild species are considered subspecies of one another, the scientific name of the wild species has priority, even when that subspecies was described after the domestic subspecies.


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        Lol we're kinda active again. I BUMP!