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Requesting to designate the Legendary AikawaKazu as the official commentator for DWC!

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  • Requesting to designate the Legendary AikawaKazu as the official commentator for DWC!

    As the title says, AikawaKazu is widely recognized as the most influential commentator in DN SEA. Kazu's efforts have been said to distinctly advance DN PVP competitiveness due to his persistence on showcasing SEA PVP Talents by means of uploading lively commentated matches of recognized players across the server. Up to this day, we are blessed to reflect back on the games of both retired legends and active players which are published in Youtube. With that being said, I really am hoping that the hosts of the event would consider this request!
    Just someone with another someone who loves bringing the joy, passion and happiness of a healthy gaming community to all :)

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    How to vote for this?
    I definitely vote for him as well.
    Discord: DarkB1ad3r #5361


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      As much as I love Kazu's videos from way before. I do not think this is a great idea. If this was 2013 or 2014, it will. But now, I do not think so.

      I think Kazu's passion for the game is already 6 feet under the ground. Without that, there is no fun. It will become more of an "chore/job" which is very far from "fun".

      Currently who i know are passionate with PvP might be Rioxy and/or FringeShow as they constantly update. I am not sure about others tho, but there might be more active PvP players out there.

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        he's done with dragon nest already, quit buggin' him please. Thanks.


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          He was great but then he doesn't have any interest in the game much more, for current meta & pvp environment i guess the guys from PVP storm (Kura and idk?) would be nicer. thats my opinion tho


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            I'm fine with anyone who has enough knowledge in Dragon Nest, class skills and PVP as long as he/she can speak English fluently and not biased to any of the participating team/country.

            They should have learned their lesson from the previous DWC failed commentators.

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