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Arti awakening skills CD....

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  • Arti awakening skills CD....

    May i ask how long the CD of arti awakening skills in pvp ?
    I fought an arti and she keep spammed me with ultra strong suction thing.
    Then followed with purple explosion bombardment that took 30% of my hp.

    On latest patch, i though dev wanted to minimize the usage of awakening skills ?
    I saw respawn infested with cancerous arti bandwagon now....great

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    The suction skill is called Cyclone Harpoon and its CD is 25 secs. It has an enhanced variant, which does damage, that can be activated after a successful hit with Swift Shot.

    The purple bombardment is called Cannonade and has a CD of 60 secs. It has an enhanced variant called Fatal Cannonade (Doesn't have a CD), which does 9 hits instead of 3 and hits almost immediately after skill activation. If the Arti's skills hits you a lot, expect to see it used repeatedly.

    On latest patch, i though dev wanted to minimize the usage of awakening skills
    They did want to reduce dependency on Awakening skills. (I'd say the issue is mostly on the Awakening passives but I'm not part of the dev team)
    It's just that for Artillery.... their change to the rate of Fatal Arrow (Bubbles) creation didn't exactly take that into account. (Changed from 1 bubble for every critical hit using Arti skills > 1 bubble for every hit using Arti skills)

    Bandwagon has and will continue to exist, you can't stop people from taking the easy way out because they will somehow create one.


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      back when awakening was fist released, harpoon has 40+s cd. devs should have gone back to that...

      also why is it so surprising for a class to rise once in a while?


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        Well, respawn become Call of Duty / PUBG recently.
        Melee classes are almost extinct there.


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          Poor class balancing by devs, as usual. There will always be at least one.


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            Before this update, you can barely win a 1v1 round using an Arti.
            Now, it's easy as 1,2,3. lol.