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    Which of the 5 assassins has the most potential in PvP considering Iframes/SA/SAB/animation lock etc? I'll list down what I know so far. Please give more input! Thank you


    Raven Iframes: Illusion Step, Mortal Blow, Izuna Drop, Burning Coal, Fade, Crowstorm, The End

    High SAB Skills: Shadow Hand

    - Extra hit on all chain skills making it very easy to catch enemy
    - Free excess chain on succesfull Crow's Deadfall hit
    - High Burst damage with Applause, Punishment, Crow's Deadfall
    - Open Edge becomes mini Crow's Deadfall
    - Punishment CD reduction to 25s (Can be further reduced to 18s with plate)

    - Animation locked a bit longer than Ripper when using ex skill hits
    - Gullotine Cross currently useless due to cast speed


    Ripper Iframes: Illusion Step, Mortal Blow, Izuna Drop, Burning Coal, Fade, Shift Blow cancel, Flame Drag, Crippling Punisher dash

    High SAB Skills: Shadow Hand, Shift Blow (heard this got nerfed?)
    High SA Skills: Artful Chaser

    - Clones for extra burst but only at a rate of 20%
    - Extra lifts on Shift Blow, Flame Locust
    - Artful Chaser can be used to tank certain skills
    - Flame drag as an extra aoe/ranged skill
    - Beast swipe lifts downed targets

    - Small charge up time for artful chaser

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    Bleed Phantom I think has to be bursty when transformed but underpowered without transformations (compared to others). Bleed Phantoms have more SAB and dmg output than the non-spinoffs but in general, they are hard to combo with limited skills, mainly because their skills are too PVE oriented.

    Raven and Ripper definitely traumatized me. Almost always, these classes just know when to spam the OP skills and in general, they have a lot of skills with an unfairly good normal attacks with either weapon. As for LF and AW, they both seem to be mediocre to good since they rely less on speed and more on aoe/casting.

    You mentioned Chasers but Bringers have more AoE in their skills at the cost of casting. Like Priests splitting between support healer to debuffer dps, Bringers are in the same position. They rely more on casting for better accuracy or AoE, they bring more burst dmg than Chasers, they have less SAB than Chasers, and they have more range in their skills to hit from afar compared to Chasers having mobility to get near.

    Overall, the 4 non-spinoffs are in between good to very good. Depending on how the player handles them, they can definitely destroy their opponents. Bleed Phantom on the other hand, has to be the least popular due to being reliant on transforming (30s cd iirc).

    In softban/selfban, Chasers are still kinda better than Bringers due to having no heals and buffs (which Bringers have a lot of) but it definitely ups the potential for Bleed Phantom, making almost all of them equal in a way.