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  • Best for PVP?

    I just wanted some insights for character creation. I just came back and the last time I quitted was during 40 cap. Any thoughts that I might consider in making a good PVP character? I do prefer warrior though.


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    Silver Hunter.

    All the damage and combo in the world won't help your enemy if they can't even hit you, and Silver Hunter is, by far, the best class as far as kiting is concerned.
    • Highly damaging skills (approximately 10,000~25,000) with relatively fast cooldown (11s~40s; halved during transformation).
    • Absurdly tough Falcon (approximately 25,000 HP) that continuously disrupt enemy (two 5 seconds cooldown passive skills; enough SAB to cancel more than half of all skills in the game).
    • Great utilities (two 15 seconds cooldown mobility skills; two 8 seconds cooldown melee skills to counter close range specialists; two evasion skills with 18s and 20s cooldown respectively; 10 seconds cooldown trap with 40% chance to freeze enemy for 5s~7.5s).
    • Long range AoE.
    • Nigh uncatchable when flying.
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    • WildMist
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      Hi sorry just gonna correct some his points due to SH already being nerfed (which is quite a long ago lel):

      1. SH's most damaging skill is only Tornado Shot now and it's not even surpassed 20k damage, it only deals around 1,5k-1,8k per hit and it has total 10 hits
      2. Other main skills such as deluge bolt, spiral bolt etc already nerfed too, Arrow Storm only deals around 16k in its full damage, Deluge Bolt around 10-11k, and Spiral only 8-9k
      3. Falcon HP nerfed as well

      If you wanna play Archer might i suggest Artilerry? They're wildly popular now

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    So, SH is the best class for PVP and can run around in a really close space? Some characters have really annoying skills when it tight spaces.


    • ireldi
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      if you prefer warrior, ML for sure
      all dark chars can be fun to use and are all stronk in their own right (oe the least of them probably)
      but Black Mara is on another level

      if SH thrives on distance and kiting
      BM thrives on kiting and insane damage, SAB and low cooldowns
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    Black Mara, Defensio, Crusader, and Bleed Phantom, I guess.


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      Black mara should be a power to reckon with? I remember smashers are the jobs who top PVP specially in ladder PVP?


      • ireldi
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        Smosher still good but are very rare, she loses to her sisters due to slowwww skill casting tho

        and ye BM and SH are exceptionally good even with beginner piloting skills (compared to other opeh classes that require a little bit more sense of control)
        and sadly ladder hasn't been updated yet so we only have the abundance of respawn and captain mode rooms with the occasional kof and rounds

        if you interested in 1v1 type of thing tho a lot of other classes come in XD
        like all the assassins, the lanceas (Rangrid particularly), Majesty, Spirit Dancer, Glad, Defensio (and basically here is where most melee classes do good)

        BM is just good all around. Another class that is good all around that does not require that much mastery is Soul Eater.

        But if the pilot is good, classes 'good' for pvp gets muddled in with everyone else, except some really sad characters like oe (maybe)

        If you want to go support tho the ranged archers, the sorcs, the lolis, and (1hit wonder) saint are the way to go. And i just mean that as they are typically defined to stay and play defensive specially in Cap mode.
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      Now that you mentioned that ladder is no good. I think 8v8 character would be good. I think BM would be the overall pick when it comes to PVP and I think she is also good for PVE too!?


      • ireldi
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        I'm not so sure bout the PVE aspect for BM but she's fun to use . Enjoy