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  • Ladder hated classes

    Ladder! which is your most hated class?

    I'm a physician and below are my top few classes in ladder. So many class have easy to use skills in ladder and gain too much benefits. I wonder if ED really sit to watch a player play.

    1. SilverHunter - practically everything about SH
    2. Vandar - any vandar is still a most hated class with escape skills, self healing, range , air + air recovery skills, skill that locks u in their attacks chain.
    3. Mara - any skills they cast are so painful, once transformed they are monsters in dps and escapes with so many iframe skills
    4. Artilery - harpoon kind of too opeh to trap us while we try to cast skills, aerial iframe dodging skills which made all physician's skills not reachable.
    5. MoonLord - eclipse + cresent cleave combo, dps too high once it catches you your hp drops almost half.

    Why do some class have so much HP and still have healing skills? why do tankers cant tank in ladder and healer cant heal as fast as non healer class like Shooting star.

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    Black Mara and engineers for me


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      I'm really bad at PVP so all of them lol But lolis are probably the worst for me - the AOE and summons are VERY annoying.