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what are those 5 least cancerous classes?

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  • what are those 5 least cancerous classes?

    i have remembered xxholic saying at the old forums about his opinion on cancerous classes, and he mention 5
    may i ask what are your opinions? and what classes are those 5?

    xxxholic? are you here ^_^

    good day

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    welp i saw the title wrongly.

    So far i only feel gladiator and guardians the least cancerous.
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    They appeared, gleaming and victorious. Our Emperors, breathless, bathed you in savior's silk. Then came the sound. Across all our worlds,the ceremonial Naga drums. Ten solemn beats to declare the suffering was over. With each beat terror began to crush my throat. They were not stoic and silent. I tried to call out but only a strangled whisper escaped.
    When the ninth beat rang a torrent of blood filled the stadium, loosed by divine blades.The drums,the Empire, fell silent forever.


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      My list for the *least* cancerous/OP classes. (relatively as compared to other classes)
      This is Pre-instant nerf and 1v1 scenario.


      its not to say that these classes are completely useless in 1v1. They have a high ceiling to reach in order to do well against the other classes.
      All other classes can easily turn the tide of battle in a few combos/seconds.


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        for me its only one the true protagonist of this game. Gladiators.


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          "Cancerous" depends on the playstyle, i can hop on any class and it'll become "cancerous" if played in a "cancerous" way. The definition of "Cancerous" also varies from person to person. My list will follow something like this.
          (This is talking about 1v1, be it SB or KoF rules. No running or Kiting, just properly 1v1ing.)

          Physician - Lacks utility comparative to her Adept counterpart. She still has some decent damage if played properly but the time required to learn it properly will be greater.

          Barbarian - With the SA nerfs, skill selection needs to be done carefully as anyone who understands the class will instantly break all your SA, as the highest SA skill on barbarian is 600. Playing barbarian at the lower level isn't too difficult as you can out damage those who don't understand the game, but as you start getting to a higher and higher level it will get more and more difficult to keep up with people on OP classes such as Gladiator or Majesty.

          Crusader - As much as the smite spam can be EXTREMELY annoying, the class itself lacks any major damage and utility, leaving it open to be countered and destroyed upon making a mistake or two.

          Dark Avenger - With moderate to low damage outside of transform, it's easy to decimate any dark avenger that dares step up to the plate. They have lower utility than all of their warrior brothers and less damage than all of them aswell. When they obtain their transform, they'll be able to deal out some serious punishment and melt some HP, but i never find the class to be "Cancerous" due to how mediocre it is outside of transform.

          Sniper - (I'm going off a sniper who doesn't run, and just fights by zoning properly and understanding their class). Sniper lacks a lot of utility required to deal with melee classes, meaning that the class has to played carefully against people who know how to rush. Each tumble has to be done with some thought in mind about how you're going to move next... Each skill has to be thought through properly else one mistake can lead to a huge punishment from most classes. A wasted tumble can be the downfall of any sniper.
          What to write here.


          • Couplord
            Couplord commented
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            Pretty much sums everything up.

            Edit: I would Remove Dark Avenger or Sniper and put Gearmaster though.
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          • Kuru
            Kuru commented
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            The only reason i didn't put gear master is.... Ducks

            4x ducks leaving you to be stuck on a silence loop while they dish out obscene amounts of damage.

          • Couplord
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            Oh I thought It was with SB... never mind.

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          Everything... and no this isn't a joke that's how screwed up DN is on pvp side.

          Tales of Zestiria Combo Playlist:


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            Except all class except crus/phys is cancerous


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              If cancer is brainless runners, then every class is cancerous
              If cancer is class that can burst you faster than your AE will be off CD, then every class is cancerous
              If cancer is class that can easily combo without really putting in some skill and brain, then every class is cancerous
              If "least cancer" is class that just weaker in some terms than TOP-TIER-PVP-OWNER-CLASS, then you can find weakness in most of classes but that won't really make them weak

              What I mean is: nowdays EVERY CLASS has super-low cooldowns and ability to combo forever, so every class is cancer. No exceptions. Srsly. Disregarding that, cancer is bad players that are trying to compensate lack of skill with dash ability and spamming their most OP skills.

              Eye pls turn off awk's/CM123's in pvp and do something with balance.


              • Kuru
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                Sorceress was hard?

              • Vhanzy
                Vhanzy commented
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                catching with smasher was hard?

              • Spamurai
                Spamurai commented
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                Kuru @Vhanzy,
                Vs. literally every half-good opponent, yes, it was really hard unless you played moonlords and mercs
                Skill bracket where smasher can do something vs. good players are far higher than the same skill level for glads
                And I pretty much sayed that I'm talking about 70cap post-nerf pre-boost smasher, where LC hitted for 1k/hit and 4k explosion
                The only really good skill for catching pre-90 was 9tailsEX. Others are simply too predictable/long casting

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              good thing i'm a crusader


              • Mercuial
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                Hi five fam o/

              • PadChief
                PadChief commented
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                we'll always be crap-sader \o/

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              Prolly Smasher is the TOP 1 of Least Cancerous Class.

              Imagine Spectrum Shower EX vs Chilling Mist EX.

              5k vs 30k LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

              This class is not even a Cleric to begin with to have low damage attacks. She is not a defense class.

              Low damage is given only to a defense class like Guard. Why???? Because of the F-ing block and High SA. That's how it should be balanced. ATK vs DEF.

              Smasher is an ATK Class. She doesnt even heal like Mara, Raven, and other class. LOL

              Anyone can beat a Smasher HAHAHAHAHA.

              Stupid Smasher.


              • Kuru
                Kuru commented
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                The fact that you keep on dodging the question and almost refusing to answer sorta makes this entire debate invalid. Maybe learn the class then come back and we can try this again but you're definitely wrong in everything you've posted.

                Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself "Maybe everyone is disagreeing with me because i am wrong?" instead of just getting it in your head that the world is out to get you and going around with a victim's mindset all the time?

              • Boginja
                Boginja commented
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                Oh well…..

                Yellow Aura = High SAB to you?
                Spectrum shower = 5k damage to you?
                Beyond Time has SAB to you?
                10% rate per hit is quite high ... and it is real.... go test it...
                Spectrum Shower is slower than Chilling Mist to you...
                You also claim you can jump it... and that it is "easy" to avoid...
                You say 360 degrees isn't good for 1v1.............
                Just because a class is weak doesn't mean that is why it is rare in 1v1, It could just be a boring class to most people, and the bandwagoners have left.
                //Thanks for this. Gonna correct myself for that SAB part what I meant from the previous was the SA and speaking of SA. We don’t have high SA and so many class now has have that high SA. Even our dearest Ninetail Laser have difficulty breaking it I don’t even see the opponent flinch or knockdown vs the High SA of them. So, it’s either they increase more our SAB our decrease their SA.
                10% is high??? How come is that high????? That’s the small chance to activate that passive skill. What’s high is 50% and above. Real????? Is 40% dmg reduction real??? Test for myself?????? I already did :P

                Also, as for 13 seconds of free combo, if you poison ground lock -> Time stop that will be the 13 seconds that Kuru said.
                I will stop here.. I glanced over everything else you said, and no offense but I disagree with all of it since It is quite wrong
                //Wow you just glanced over it and not think???? Too hard for your eyes to handle the truth??? Thats why you dont understand cause you just glanced. Seems logical and you cant disagree to a statement you never understood.

                You are using a combo dummy to say your skill does 5000 damage............................................ ..................................
                if you don't even know about the combo dummies increased defenses, then that explains how you don't understand Smasher... Which by the way I do have, and the 15k damage was from actual testing against a player by myself today, to see if the skill had been bugged since you claimed it did 5k. Stop defending your class ... go learn it's strengths and weaknesses and learn how to play.
                //Do you guys have an idea why on Earth the dummy has high defense????????? On real world testing, you gotta test with the best defenses not with the weak one.. why???? Cause its suicide if you test your self with weak defense you'll never had an idea what strong could be. You gotta fight the strong. So something isn’t updated here….

                13 Seconds of combos - Poison -> Time stop = UP TO 13 seconds.... Learn to read please. Lacking the ability to read will make this very difficult.
                //Please please please don’t tell me your not reading too… your not considering the fact that you can lessen those with pressing A-D-A-D and escape freely??????

                Shinobi - You didn't touch any of my other things i brought up about the lower HP and defense values, and their lack of range comparative to sorceress... So nice of you to just Skim over that huh...
                //BTW you guys are skimming too. :P Did you know that faint constantly disrupts our combos??? We are not burst dmg and we only rely on total combos and faint is removing that from us. I smell something needs to be removed here or should I say increase something….

                Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself "Maybe everyone is disagreeing with me because i am wrong?" instead of just getting it in your head that the world is out to get you and going around with a victim's mindset all the time?
                //Doesn’t mean that everyone thinks its correct it is correct. Meaning thats the majority of people going with the flow. And did you know that it only takes 1 person to prove them wrong???

                FINAL NOTES
                Why do I even bother talking to these guys. Im talking to the wrong people. They wouldn’t understand because they aren’t Smasher themselves and they have all the confidence to be opinionated of the matter. Are they Smasher expert?? Probably not. They don’t even have the credibility they only rely on pure words… not experience…. Beware of these guys Coup and Ku they will bring down your ideas.
                CASE CLOSED

              • Kuru
                Kuru commented
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                "Up to" meaning it can be up to a maximum of 13 seconds... the fact that you still missed that after being repeated 3 times is amazing.

                But at this point you're just another w3w who is defending their class blindly, you clearly have 0 idea how PvP works in DN and you constantly defend your points rather than debate to further your understanding. Stop spreading misinformation to make your class seem weaker, the chances are you're just not very good at it and you want to find an excuse for that :/

                You talk as if we have no credibility but, who are you? I'm quite active around here and I've been a pvper in DN for a fairly long time... That doesn't matter because one smasher on SEA is claiming everything we say is irrelevant right?

                10% per hit is pretty high... considering you're hit over 100 times a match... And yes, 40% damage reduction is a HUGE advantage against a lot of classes.

                NTL has ~75 SAb per hit, meaning if you know how to use the skill you could break a lot of skills except the high SA ones (such as Shield charge or firewall unawakened)

                At this point, trying to be reasonable with you is a wasted effort as debating with you is the same as trying to headbutt a brontosaurus to death. Have fun being blinded to how your class can perform and continue blaming your lack of skill on your class. Here's a tip though, a good tradesman never blames his tools

                p.s. Testing on the dummy isn't reliable because no class in DN has the defense value that the dummy has. It simply gives out incorrect values that people like you will regurgitate without context to make their class seem weaker than it is... Also the dummy has high defense because it's got outdated stats, Hence why the stun rate is a LOT higher than on normal players, same with para values. This isn't "to test" as you seem to put it but simply because it's outdated now... But the fact that you're meaning in the laziness of the devs sorta proves everything we've been saying up until now.

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              The underrated Attacksio


              • Kuru
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                I don't know if this is serious or not.

              • Kashatria
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                have you eaten 3x flyby combo yet?

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              Just based off experience

              Crusader - I await the days where my relic actually does damage again
              Inqui/Saint - Tried it in DWC recently, and oh my glob is it hard to play cleric without shinbreaker
              Physician - Legit have not lost to them this cap yet. Mostly due to the fact I'm playing against pubs that don't know how to play the class. But still :/
              I'm just a sad lonely crusader :<

              Legit was not expecting the image to be that big lmao


              • Kuru
                Kuru commented
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                Yea bruh you can call me whatever floats your boat!!

                But, isn't that exactly what relieve does? Removes debuffs (cure relic's basic effect) and places you back in a standing position, the only difference is Cure relic has a hit instead of just being an animation? Unless all these years i've been missing some facts about Relieve.

              • TaintLight
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                But the issue is that, you can no longer use Cure Relic EX to cure de-buffs when you are under one that immobilizes you (Freeze, Time-Stop & etc.). Pretty sure you use Relieve in most situations (maybe except when staggered, knocked back); including when Frozen, Time-Stopped, Binded & etc.

              • Kuru
                Kuru commented
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                Hmm, will need to do more testing with it then. Either way the boost is a nice change to saint giving them a bit more in the utility department comparative to before.