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  • RuDN HC Practice Recruitment

    Recruitment Closed

    We are looking for members who want to practice RuDN HC and be a pemanent party in the near future.
    Currently we have five members and we are mainly looking for DPS classes, mainly Kali, Lancea (Flurry), Academic (Adept), Sorceress (Black Mara, Seleana, Smasher).

    Also we are looking for Healers (mainly Light Fury) for practice runs that match our run time.
    Since we're having problems with time conflict with our current healer we are looking for completers to join us as soon as possible.
    So healers who are interested in practice and maybe join our party, please be advised that it's a chance to join, it's not guaranteed that you will remain as a permanent member.

    About us:
    Our current party are made by friends and guild members, so I'm sure it's a comfortable party for you to join.
    Most of our members are able to reach stage three last bar, but we accepting no experienced members too as long as you can read tutorials, watch videos and study for the practice.

    Run time: TBA, Currently doing daily runs depending on members time (usually from 14:00 to 23:00 GMT+8 weekdays and weekends).

    Our current party is:
    MT - Guardian
    Healer - Light Fury
    Healer - Physician
    DPS - Raven
    DPS - Dark Avenger
    DPS - Sniper
    DPS - Kali *Open*
    DPS - Adept/Flurry/Sorceress *Open*

    We will fix our weekly run time when our party become full and able to clear it constantly.
    The looting will be also discussed when our party become full, aiming for safe runs and not fast runs.

    About you:
    You should have the following status at town:
    3m HP
    P/M Attack 500k
    Critical 367k
    FD 6k
    Or be able to reach this status in less than a month.
    Support classes require only to stay alive durring the entire run.

    For other requirements you must:
    Have a FB and Discord
    Be able to chat in English
    Be Punctual and Committed
    Have a good attitude, be patient and respectful
    Have Full knowledge at RuDN Normal (able to clear all mechs properly)

    If you meet the requirements and want to join us, post a picture of your status following with your character IGN, Class, your detailed schedule (Weekdays and Weekends) and a short comment about your experience at RuDN. Or PM/Mail us in game: zSenpuuki, Lafrencia
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    hello, can i apply on the practice team? i have no exp clearing hc but have cleared normal.
    ~Severalle | Zachura | Syliveth~


    • Senpuuki
      Senpuuki commented
      Editing a comment
      All i can say now is "maybe" since you gave me no informations, provide me your classes and status please.