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  • Recruiting GDN members

    Run time (mostly nights, can be discussed)

    UPDATED: Looking for Eles / Inqui / Sally (Eles/inqui preffered)

    Current line up:
    1. SS - Taken (Loli)
    2. ML - Taken (War)
    3. Defensio - Taken (Machina /Tank)
    4. Flurry - Taken (Lancea)
    5. BP - Taken (Sin)
    6. SE - Taken (Kali)
    7. LF - Taken (Healer)
    8. Empty - Looking for Eles/Sally/Inqui

    If your class is not what we're looking for, you're still welcome to contact me
    I can put you in if I see suitable, or I can put you as a sub if you dont mind

    - Attitude
    - Discord/gud connection/ etc etc
    - Screenshot me gears + stats (ideally around 1.8m atk / 9-10k fd)
    - Having another parties is fine, just lemme know, so can adjust schedule.

    - We have members that have prac a lot in parties (Some also have Cleared), so not to slow them down,
    - partial EXP is preferred, karahan/dragon stage and/or known and understand all mech, read guides + watch youtubes

    Contact me:
    Mail/PM IGN: lenxal
    Discord me: lenxal#1311
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    Updated: Main Line up is full now.
    If you're willing to join in as a sub. feel free to contact me.


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      Updated looking for Kali - preferably SE


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        I wanna hunt accessories on my SE, b-but i don't think it is possible to join the team with the set-up i have which you already knew. So yea, just passing by, len~sama~

        Discord: Poru#5992


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          Recruitment Open for Eles.. Next run this friday 10pm


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            Up up up. Need eles/inqui/sally.
            party progress: x2 dragon