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R>Bleed Phantom for BDN Perma pt

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  • R>Bleed Phantom for BDN Perma pt

    Looking for geared Bleed Phantom for weekly BDN raid runs
    - You must have Discord for communication purposes
    - The party will be undergoing explorations and learn as much as possible along with other team members.
    - On top of all, we prefer a simple someone who's fun loving who'll join the team mainly just to enjoy the game and have fun

    Usual run time is : 9:00PM GMT+8 FRIDAY / WEEKENDS
    Rules of the party will be discreetly discussed with you later on.

    If interested, reach me through discord or mail me ingame
    Members listing / lineups can be divulged thereafter

    IGN: HMWrath
    Discord: devious33#5655