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Bringing back good DN, LFP>NH20

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  • Bringing back good DN, LFP>NH20

    I understand nowadays its nest time>nest clear, but if you're looking for NH20 clears I'm trying to make a pt where we can clear even if it takes long so we can all gear together and farm stigmata. I'm not asking you to be stg 24 strong, just strong enough to run NH20 with me and survive to clear no matter how long. Doesn't have to be an all day NH since it'll take us awhile we can do it over the span of 3 days or the whole week if we have to.

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    Just cleared all of NH20 this week with people i found and added to discord server, this is looking promising honestly.

    Expect 20-30min runs but still clearing all of them in that week. Yes i get it, its kinda long xDD but thats playing the game and its actually fun. join us

    The more people, the more variety of team comp and availability.


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      anoda update

      run took less than 20min this week, getting faster cuz stigmata farming NH20. come join us


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        anoda update

        Now we do runs around 12min, getting faster and faster.

        if you interested in joining NH20 team finder just lmk