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LFM> Perma Party for Pro and Nice people :)

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  • LFM> Perma Party for Pro and Nice people :)



    The objective of this party is to group up like minded individuals who are:
    1. Pro in skill
    2. Humble in nature

    I am aiming to create a permanent party that will be very good friends and won't just leave because you farmed all you need from this party.
    A party who is willing to help each other and teach each other. A party that can withstand the test of times. A party that is mature in negotiating their differences and make compromises.

    Current focus of this party will be to prepare ourselves as a team to clear FDN. We can help you farm your gears as long as you fulfill all below requirements.

    I want this party to last as long as DN server is still alive so we can clear whatever nest comes our way
    We will be doing service in the future too, once we get to that level. But still, do remember that we are not snobs even when we are at that level

    Warrior - Gladiator(12ChopChop)
    Lancea - Flurry(Smeby)
    Archer - Artillery(JinVelvet)
    Assassin -
    Kali - Dark Summoner(MoMoxhiiN)(on trial)
    Sorcerer - Elestra(IceWind04)(on trial)
    Support - Saint(Auxintric)(on trial)
    Support - Phy(Eynsu)

    Members are expected to:
    1. Always find ways to be pro, no excuses given to not improve
    2. Be ethical in their conduct (no cheating, lying, scamming, extreme profanity)
    3. Have strong sense of teamwork and sociable (no snobs or selfish attitude)

    Raids/practice will usually be run on weekends(1pm ~ 12am) GMT+8.
    Punctuality is expected for planned runs/practice

    In-Game Requirements to join:
    1. All of the above clause
    2. DPS only - Epic costumes(racing/engineer or better) with w/t/d/n set(sadnyth/prototype or better) OR the funds available to acquire all these costumes in a short amount of time, after passing my evaluation
    3. DPS only - Genesis Neck + 2 Rings OR the ability/funds to acquire all these 3 by approximately September 2018
    4. Support only - Have very high awareness towards party members hp, good defensive skill usage strategy and communicates well on discord during raids

    Hardware Requirements to join:
    1. Smooth FPS after rr in raids (or at least will not reduce your game play quality)
    2. Good connection (max 1 dc per 5 runs on average, no siblings/friends downloading stuff while you're raiding)

    Social Requirements to join:
    1. Able to communicate properly and clearly in English. Dont have to be pro, but as long as we can understand
    2. Does not ignore pubs who talk to you in game (unless you're busy or afk haha)
    3. Facebook Messenger
    4. Discord (Headset with mic, must be able to talk, no noisy background)

    *** You can introduce yourself in this post or mail/pm me in game (12ChopChop) ***
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    Lineup changed slightly. Now taking in soul eater / defensio


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      Good luck on your adventures
      Class Mastery 3 guide with some details
      Edited as of 28/11/2017


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        Still scouting for a sniper :3


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          All the best :3


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            Opening lineup for more archers (Sniper/Arti/SH)


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              Slot currently opened for a kali who fits our party's theme


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                wanna adopt my guardian?
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                • 12ChopChop
                  12ChopChop commented
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                  sorry we already have tanker roll filled (by me)

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                Recruitment is currently open for Kali classes, preferably SE


                • 12ChopChop
                  12ChopChop commented
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                  close again now :3

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                Looking for an assassin that is serious in DN long term and full of team spirit


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                  Currently looking for a long term assassin dps, preferably raven