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B> 2016 rare costume acce

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  • B> 2016 rare costume acce

    B> any rare grade 2016 costume that matches with Dandelion spirit. Thanks
    IGN: GeneGen & GeneGen2

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    Hi, unfortunately, Rare accessories are not tradable and Trade warranty will not work on them.

    However, you can try your luck via Hero Boxes and/or Conversion Boxes since they have Red Dragon Cash Accessories in them. Tho, be warned, RNG for those boxes are quite... tricky.
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    • geeeen17
      geeeen17 commented
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      oh thank you, i did not know they cant be traded and tw's no wonder no one's shouting , Thanks anyway

    • nvLite
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      Alrighty, good luck with that!

    • SadisticEin
      SadisticEin commented
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      I'z not just tricky.. prepare at least around hundred boxes for it x'D