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  • Scammer IGN oOServantX

    As per subject. Yes, this guy took exactly 23k Gold from me and disappear. Refuse to return the Golds and demand for more ? I've recently playing DN for quite sometime and seen a lot "Messengers" saying that they got scammed, i just hope you guys would look into this matter and deal with these A-Holes.
    This is him Private Chat with him Part 1/3 Private Chat with him Part 2/3

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    You need to explain more clearly about what, where, when, how this scamming act happened.
    This is lack of context.

    Aside from that, posting here would make few other players aware of this guy, but not enough to send him to go under ban penalty.
    Send report along with all details and evidence through 1:1 inquiry if you wish for ED to look for your case.


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      Yeahhhhh, it just sounds like you were just gullible enough to fall for this one (As with most scam reports).

      Ever wonder why scamming has been going about for years in DN and the developers don't do anything about it? Here's the harsh and cold truth -- It's because player's like you will always fall for stupid shit like this and there's nothing ED can do about it unless they plan to purge those whom they think are gullible enough to always fall for ploys like these (And that doesn't sound effective doesn't it).

      Learn your lesson and don't make the same mistake twice if you want to prevent this from happening again.
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