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Bots are spamming again - Lollis are back

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  • Bots are spamming again - Lollis are back

    When i grind i saw this lollis keep coming and going on SH, East gate channel 6.

    My IGN: llKDAnnall
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    they r literally everywhere now, even in WOD. And guess what WOD's GM said, "those players havent breach any rules & regulations", so its still considered legal then?

    wondering what those lv95 engineer bots farm for? they dont seem to spam free gacha (never see any of those bots got shout out for getting rare item) or sell something on TH or even clear any raid with their army.

    ​​​​​​i guess it either belongs to ED with the intention to make the server looks alive or ED's ex-employee who got fired & still hold grudge against them. Either way there still no action taken so far in all of these years. epy 10th anniversary.
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      Up for this, even my internet connection is good, there are delays and disconnects from logging in up to town. See screenshot below. That one didnt proceed on character selection and i have to repeat this 2-5 times. I think these BOTS causes network connection from server.


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        How do you find out if they're bots?