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any measurement against bots?

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  • any measurement against bots?

    has publisher / dev stopped taking any measurement against bots?
    they are alive and very healthy, farming for weeks without getting bans
    based on this months events, they can farm items that takes at least 3 / 4 weeks with same chars and now swarming the server with tons of valuable stuffs, selling for big bucks, without getting any ban between that long timeframe
    any actions taken always affecting normal players and ruin their gameplay (for example ip limit, removal several game features)
    is this server going to stay like this?

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    The devs don't care and even if they did the bot users will always find a way to abuse


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      wow. isn't it convenient? lets goo do the same, squeeze SEA whales dry for botted currency and items since they don't care as long as whales keep throwing money to publisher
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