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  • Arch Heretic Sawblade

    Theres no damage sometimes, even when i cast it point blank and the boss is stationary.
    As im equipped with a weapon scroll that has fracture skill, i can sometimes see many 5k damage appearing but theres no sawblade damage at all.
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    Maybe it's due to the lag. Sawblade's damage recognition is extremely lag susceptible (specially the 'Throwing' damage recognition). If you have lets say, 150-200+ ms of ping when casting Sawblade, the point in which the skill 'recognizes' that it hits an enemy/target is also delayed, making the 'Sawblade' run past the target (instead of stopping in place and dealing damage) and the 'throw target recognition' delayed, thus making the skill out of the boss' hitbox and not registering the 'throwing' damage.

    This mainly isn't a problem in bosses with large hitboxes. However, in Slayer Testing Grounds this is a real problem. For the part where you can see the 5k damage from your Fracture Engraving Skill effect, the game recognizes that your Sawblade should have hit the target (thus proc-ing the 5k damage) however, the lag makes it that your actual Sawblade is not hitting (forgive me for this as it's really confusing, but I cannot throw in the technical terms and right wording to make this coherent).

    This is just speculation with real-time experience. When I play with less than 100ms ping, I do not see this problem at all, but when my ping goes past that, I experience the same problem as yours. I would recommend you to comment a screenshot of your said problem, or if you have more than 150+ms when playing.
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    • Fuggy
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      Im from Singapore with fibre connection. My ping never ever go above 60 ms. Perma green ping. So that leaves lag out of the question.

      As for the size of the boss, does volcano nest 2nd boss and rudn 1st boss count as a large hitbox?

    • Skyros
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      Yes, VN Stage 2 and RU Stage 1 is considered as a 'large boss'. Well, oftentimes, I cannot see the damage numbers cause it's way too high. Maybe it's a visual bug or something. I never had your problem though (only when my latency goes high), so kinda weird.