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Some bugs in November Patch

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  • Some bugs in November Patch

    Once again,

    I just want to list out some of bugged in this November patch below:

    1. Silver Hunter Transformation EX (A) Bugged - This bug hasn't yet fixed since last month during the Halloween Patch until now. The Passive skill (A) which gives 5 seconds invincibility when transformed is actually bugged, but not the Passive Skill (B) of the cool down reduction. It doesn't transformed, although the skill can cast on midair but cannot use Aerial Tumble. Please refer of this YouTube link for your info:

    2. Silver Hunter lost her wings when transformed. This is the same situation from the earlier post here:

    3. Oracle Elder high magic defense bugged in PVP - Most of players are complaining about her magical defense are so high, especially for the Magic Classes are too struggle to kill them. If I compare the damage of my Silver Hunter's Level 19 Spiral Bolt (no buffs and plates) to other classes, usually I dealt 8k-10k damage, except this Oracle Elder i can do damage like 2-3k like wth. There's some screenshots on how Saleana's awakening Fire Wall and Flame Burst damages on Oracle Elder while I'm spectating at PVP Respawn.

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