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Guild name being changed.

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  • Guild name being changed.

    Hello, I am Tengku.

    First things first, I used to be a typical daily player of Dragon Nest. But for a couple of months before, I quit playing Dragon Nest for a while and was planning to resume in the near future.
    Now, I resumed playing Dragon Nest and I was shocked that my old guild name was changed from "SkyJuice" to "SkyJuice_2"

    As far as I know, guild names cannot be changed using whatever methods that exist other than creating a new guild.
    I am reporting this so that I can find solutions to solve this bug / glitch and safely revert my guild's name back from "SkyJuice_2" to "SkyJuice"

    I need support from anyone that knows anything about this case. Replies are appreciated.

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    Because there are guild with same name clashed after the server merge. I heard they gave a guild change name ticket for free for those guild that affected.
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      and that guild name change scroll already expired w/ many months already passed.

    • Tengku
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      Oh I understood. Alright then, thank you so much for the help.

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    Do send in a 1:1 ticket and our friendly CSO will assist you

    However, do note that ONLY the guild master will receive the ticket and have the authority to change the guild name~