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Bug in Guardian Nest

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  • Bug in Guardian Nest

    Cant Pass Through even if try to escape current location. Rip 225G repair fee

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    Not only in Nest, the bug also occurred in Dungeons. I've experienced that portal bug in dungeon, no other way than leave dungeon manually and got charged for item repair 80g + also wasted FTG
    And sometimes if got delay/ lag upon entering stage portal in nest, the boss is invisible, can attack but can't see where the boos position is.


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      i got bug also in granom nest stage 1. when i click 'skip movie' then typing to answer PM, then gate just closed and i cant even go inside. but the stage ady start. so i've to back to town cz im doing solo run, and paid 80g+ to repair item

      but i think it cz im standing in front of gate then my karahan (hero) went inside, so i got locked outsite. LOL
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