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Dungeon & Nest Bug And Repair Fee

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  • Dungeon & Nest Bug And Repair Fee

    Regarding to Repair Fee increment, many people got annoyed about Gold Income.
    Talking about Repair Fee that has been increased due to leave or Die in Dungeon/ Nest, I think it's not wise choice...
    Since there are many factors beside just those 2 factors mentioned.

    And after current patch the damage dealt from monsters/ bosses in Dungeons and Nests has been increased makes most people experienced die more than before.
    Actually this damage dealt from enemies in Dungeon/ Nest is not that a big problem, but the REPAIR FEE made it became a PROBLEM for most players.

    This Game implemented High Repair Fee while there are still a lot of BUGS in the Game and limited Gold Source.

    1) Bug In Dungeon/ Nest Stage Portal
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DN 2019-03-14 00-21-44 Thu.jpg Views:	1 Size:	107.4 KB ID:	158428

    On this situation no other way for players than manually leave from Dungeon/ Nest.
    FTG if leave dungeon/ Vision Maze/ Maze Core will be deducted, except leaving Normal Nest FTG will not be deducted till cleared Boss Stage.
    Guess what if you did this? Yah, FTG wasted + your equipment durability reduced then you need to pay Repair Fee.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	E Repair Fee.jpg Views:	1 Size:	34.6 KB ID:	158429

    This is Repair Fee due to Dungeon Bug and no choice than leaving that bugged Dungeon.

    2) Die Due To Char Discrimination In Some Nest Mechanics

    For some classes facing hard time to clear mechanic in nest.
    I am a Saint that experienced this mostly in solo run/ partying with anyone who don't know Nest Stage Mechanics.
    Like In Serpentra Nest Final Stage when cannon mechanic. Need to attack 8 Freezing Cannons properly before Rage Gauge full.
    Mostly I got failed to destroy all of them due to High DPS skills CD
    Compared to other Nests Lab 30, This Serpentra Nest Lab 25 sometimes still killed me at that Cannon Mech @_@
    Beside of FTG auto consumed upon entering Vision Maze/ Maze Core, Hope Flower is needed to the next Resu. And again Repair Fee gonna ruin player's income.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	E Repair Fee 2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	35.9 KB ID:	158430

    In Vision Maze/ Maze Core players can't deny if Hard Stage of Some Nest appeared. Since one of Nests is needed to complete Daily Task, like or no, players must clear this Nest 1 or 2 times a day.

    3) DC In Dungeon/ Nest, DN Error and Need to Close, DN Auto Closed Without Confirmation, DC Due to No Electricity, etc.

    For RICH players this Repair Fee sure nothing problem with it. But for most casual players it is really hard to get more income.
    Gold Goblin Coin actually another source to earn Gold, but it's really rare to drop. And once got this Gold Goblin Coin, still need GEAR to clear faster & earn Gold more. At another word, Geared Char got more Gold, Under Geared Char got lesser Gold.

    I'm thinking how other people who want to practice and learn Raid Nests like in GDN/ FDN if this Repair Fee is High??? I believe there are some players who want to knowing & learning mechanics in Nest/ Raid. Not just buy service or even begging to carry them in.
    So this is like "More Pain in Practicing?"

    Note: RICH players that I've mentioned can be Real Cash Players who bought items by legal way, or Cash Players bought gold by illegal, Scammers who scams people to be RICH, and some.

    More or less that's all what is on my mind I can share.
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