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Bugged LF skills?

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  • Bugged LF skills?


    I've been experiencing a strange bug (maybe not a bug?) with a few of my LF's skills.

    After the march 12 update, a few of my skills sometimes wont hit or wont have any effect even at point blank range.

    1. Chakra Grip - happens about 40% of the time, point blank range, nothing.
    2. Full Brightness - happens about 20% of the time.
    3. Sunshine Spark - ball will travel but no damage. happens rarely, but still happens
    4. CM3 - ring strike sometimes will do the regular ring strike (slow descent) rather than the immediate one after using fan edge

    Perhaps its due to latency and lag SOMETIMES (as I have experienced it before) but it shouldnt be happening as frequently as it does. And when it is caused by lag, usually everything will stop moving and I get disconnected after a while, but now the bug occurs all throughout the whole dungeon/nest.

    Anybody else, particularly LFs, experiencing this?

    I hope this is read by devs, or moderators, or technical team as it becomes really annoying specially at higher level floors.