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[Bug Report] Sniper's Wind Shaft Bug (Skill Heraldry bug)

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  • [Bug Report] Sniper's Wind Shaft Bug (Skill Heraldry bug)

    Hi guys. I want to make some quick bug report here. Ok so today after patch, I saw someone shouted on blue bird, saying that casting Wind Shaft feels like really slow now. So I tested it and found that yea, the casting speed isn't like it was once before, it feels really slow. So I did some tests and found that:
    1. Casting Wind Shaft without Charged Shot Skill Heraldry took around 3.25 - 3.5 seconds
    2. With Charged Shot +50% Action Speed heraldry, it takes around 3 seconds. So there's an effect, but really negligible. With +50% AS, it should at least make it maybe around 2 secs (saves 33% cast time), but in this case, it only saves like (maybe) 10% of the cast time.
    3. I tried the same comparison, but this time with the normal Charged Shot skill and it feels like the heraldry does improves the speed. Not as fast as it was once tho.
    4. I tried casting Wind Shaft with Sylph Aid active (+25% Action Speed) and it certainly does affect the speed. I can see the skill finished faster.
    So my conclusion is that there is a bug in (maybe) the way the skill calculates the speed buff from skill heraldry, but not from regular skills (?). Also I think the bug only affecting Wind Shaft and not the normal Charged Shot but I could be wrong.

    Anyway I hope you guys are looking into this matter because honestly this is pretty game-breaking to me. Kinda really hard doing nests now since a lot of my skills timings are off because of the bug. Wind Shaft also one of the main DPS skills so any bug affecting it, will affect our DPS And not to mention Snipers already riddled with many bugs like the "No damage bug", "bug with some boss mech disabling her skills", etc., so please fix this ASAP. Thank you~
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