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Abyss Walker Dark Conviction Bug

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  • Abyss Walker Dark Conviction Bug

    Greetings, i've encounter this bug on my abyss walker, the thing follows this pattern:
    1) I cast dark conviction
    2) i cast night explosion (of course making sure of hitting the target)
    3) The balls from dark conviction will vanish without tracking the target nor doing any dmg.
    I did ask some other abyss walkers about this and their dark conviction worked properly while mine doesnt, so i don't know if this has something to do with my account.
    I attached a video of the issue so you guys can check it out.

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    I don't think your account has something to do with that bug, since bugs are usually on the game itself. Have you tried filling a 1:1 ticket to the devs? (not a recommended option since they're not responding most of the time though)
    TDIZ = Today's gonna be a great day!


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      Hi, well i tried 1:1 inquiry but their amazing web page crashed every time i tried to send the message, so i decided to post it here hoping i can get a reply


      • Wolfy
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        Let's hope for that. But I only see one admin doing rounds in the forums, so it'll be a while. Unless you tag them of course