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Damage bug leading to perma ban

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  • Damage bug leading to perma ban

    A friend of mine recently encountered the no damage bug and guess what? Got indirectly perma banned for no apparent reason.

    ED in all honesty, i would like to know what goes on in your work place sometimes. You take 20++ days to respond to a ticket stating that your decision is to not reset this so called "abuse limit" you so happened to apply to legit players. Like seriously, people who have 9k+gs and ranks in the weekly fdn/bdn board have the time and energy to "abuse" the game so much? Please. The way the game was and to some extent still is rewarding players to solo grind low lab dungeons just for the sake of nest/bst pts. If you want to penalise legit players for this atleast make a work around to avoid implementing such stupid game events.

    ​​On the other hand, reports of bots running rampant around certain cadelrock and saint haven channels are popping up left and right and you guys aren't even gonna bother about doing anything? Cause the last time i checked, paying players are the ones keeping the server running and not these bots. But i guess that isn't as apparent to some of us.

    Look, i inderstand that running a dying game in SEA is tiresome. But please if you decide to continue milking this dying cash cow, atleast make it a habit of catering to your paying customers and not artificially programmed bots. It's common sense right?

    Think about your customers first and im sure the game will be a better place. Kudos to you so far for even surviving.

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    No matter what we say they won't listen


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      Pack your bags while you still can
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