Hi, Dev team,
Saleana's Freezing sword cooldown will randomly get reset automatically. Once it is ready to use cooldown will count down again. I didn't test this in PVE but the issue happen in PVP.
Elestra's Freezing sword EX, however, doesn't affect by this bug.

I just notice that Majesty's Nine Tails Laser also have the same behavior. While Smasher doesn't got affected by this.

It seems that the pattern is the bug will occur with the skills without awakening that can be saved to use later. Both the awakening of Freezing sword and Nine Tails Laser that can be saved 3 times in PVP doesn't got affected by this. But their non awakening counterpart got affected.

I have another question about an Elemental shield skill plate. Why doesn't it exist ? Is this an intention or forgot to add when the dev team replace Fire Shield and Ice Shield with an Elemental Shield? I remember that Fire Shield and Ice Shield have a skill plate. One is a further 20% damage reduction, Another IIRC is a reduced mana consumption. If this is not an intention can you add something like further damage reduction or a reduced cooldown or adding skill duration skill plate?

Thanks for your consideration.