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Smasher's Laser Ray skill...

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  • Smasher's Laser Ray skill...

    This has been an issue ever since 93 cap, but I just ignored it and went on Hiatus for 5 months, but now that I got back, the bug's still present.

    After Laser Ray activation, animation goes off and so, but bubbles don't deplete and the laser doesn't hit. I'm just stuck in its animation, openly vulnerable. And when I shift(blink) out of its animation, it doesn't actually "blink" me out. It just puts blink on cooldown, putting me vulnerable for a longer duration after the buggy animation. Also puts Laser Ray on cooldown, of course. It ruins DPS rotation and risks own life. Incredibly frustrating.

    I don't think it's an issue with my internet anymore, since I've changed ISP.

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    A video recording of the bug happening would be great.


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      Can you take a video? It will be helpful to fix this situation.


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        Video below.
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          Originally posted by gpals0623 View Post
          Can you take a video? It will be helpful to fix this situation.

          Casted Laser Ray thrice. Notice that I tried "blinking" out of the animation, well I escape from the animation but it doesn't make me blink, and sets blink on cooldown, thus leaving me without any escape but teleport.


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            Bump. Seems like I'm the only one having this issue.


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              No, it's not just you actually. Similarly to Snipers Windshot... the skill bugs itself and does not register oddly for some players............
              It was reported to Yaya for NA back in October, I do not know if it was fixed for NA or not.

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              Hello Sir! Please free to mention me or send me a private message if you need any assistance! I will try my best to help you to the best that I can!

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                Oh I'm glad. Well like I said, this was a bug last 93 cap. Surprisingly it hasn't been fixed yet.

                EDIT: And it is indeed random.. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

                Also adding in another similar problem with a different class, Elestra's Glacial Field.. It has LOOONG casting time. Given that, it sometimes doesn't actually hit. It can already be told when Ice Sphere doesn't get cooldown resets.. And ofcourse, it leaves Elestras so vulnerable. That's why I always cast Ice Barrier first in case Glacial Field doesn't actually hit.
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                  I know you mean the awakening skill haha... it was a way to bypass the cast time of the awakening skill.

                  Step 1. Tumble Rightclick
                  Step 2. Hit Awakening Skill
                  Step 3. Hit Freezing Field , this will break the cast time of your Awakening skill BUT still activate it!

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                  Well damn. This got me confused at first but I got what you meant after actually trying it. So it should be done in quick succession in order to work.. Awesome tip my friend! I really appreciate it! Couplord

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                  Haha happy to help!

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                Hi Eianots,

                Will forward this issue again even though it was already highlighted before, hopefully it will be resolved asap!