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screen freeze on some skills after the 95 cap

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  • screen freeze on some skills after the 95 cap

    kindly read the post below to figure out what happened, if u are having same problem try to change ur system setting " Texture Quality" to High, and ur "Effect Visibility Range" to zero, Nindja thanks to this guy who gave this nice information

    i am a player with kind of low spec PC, but can play Dragon nest without trouble.
    since the new level 95 cap patch, some skills make the screen freeze, i tried to change the setting from low to high, and another combination from low, normal, and high. nothing seems work.
    i know that this kind of thing is a problem by my old hardware. but i am not the only one, assuming that there are more than 30% players with high spec PC, this kind of bug gave us a lot of trouble.
    here is what i know atm =
    • skills :

    1. Sting Breezer - Instant Dentblow (freeze the screen for a few sec)
    2. Ray Mechanic - Frontier mode/Alfredo Frontier (i forgot the name, but it always cause freeze, even for party members)
    • nest :

    1. Rune Dragon
    - first stage when the four doggie spawn
    - last stage right before the dragon throw the red ball, when she push players away

    these problems are not here, before the 95 cap patch, i dont know what kind of animation or model that the dev put in them , and i dont really understand how game development works, but if possible i want dev team to remove or change that animation/model/else for users who use low graphic settings in their game.
    if anyone know about this or can help by give me some advice, i would love it. write it down there!
    for now im pretty sure, upgrading hardware for every low spec PC players like me is not an option.
    if anyone found same problem with their class related skills, kindly write it down here, i wanna know which class that i should avoid in party.

    Any advice or another freeze problem that u got, please kindly write it down here.
    and join this poll. tell me where did u met these problems.
    i got my screen freeze when casting a specific skills
    i got my screen freeze when my party members using a specific skill
    i got my screen freeze at some part of specific dungeon
    i got my screen freeze at some part of specific nest
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    sorry for the trouble, i just found in this post someone said to try change the textire quality to high , and i tried it, it works, but only for high quality setting.... kinda trouble some but still better than sudden freeze, will edit this post then.