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Resolution for Frequent Portal Disconnection / Duplicate Log-In

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  • Resolution for Frequent Portal Disconnection / Duplicate Log-In

    For how many months, some of PHL players suffers from portal disconnection due to ISP-IP problem.
    This cause the other PHL players to quit due to unplayable game content.
    In my observation, the problem occurs between the PLDT (ISP) and DNSEA routing. There are data spikes during portal loading. (Although I have 100mpbs download/upload speed and my ping is just around 30~60 ms)
    However, not all the IP addresses from PLDT (ISP) are affected. Mostly are on those with optic fiber connections only.

    On the other hand, PLDT (ISP) still refuses to cooperate with ED/CC. So we need to come-up with this temporary solution.
    For how many days, I'm using gaming VPN or Tunneling services to prevent this frequent disconnection from the portals.

    Suggested gaming VPN and Tunneling services (supporting Dragon Nest):
    1. WTFast
    2. KillPing
    3. HotSpot Shield
    4. Hide.Me
    5. Pingzapper

    Note: Most gaming VPN are not for FREE, but you can enjoy their TRIAL period.

    PS: I don't think so that these software programs violates the Abuse Policy. These are considered as Tunneling services, and NOT as "cheat utility" software program, neither "auto/macro" software program.

    For confirmation:

    Tasha Verbena Dean Nest
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    Thank you for this advice.

    My eyes hurt when reading Comic Sans.


    • Ezrakiel
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      LOL ... My apology for the font style.

    • Nimmienaticz
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      yeah same. I feel my college memories when my prof used to use Comic Sans on his presentations.

      I haven't tried others so I am about to tell what do I know about those listed.
      Btw, Don & I are using 2 VPN's such as WTFast and HSS

      WTFast for stable pings & guaranteed no delays.
      Hotspot Shield is kinda delay something around 0.5-1 sec, these are minimal but sorta annoying esp when you land on US IP regions.