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A strange account issue

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  • A strange account issue

    Hey everyone.

    I've been a long time casual gamer in Dragon Nest, but it was 2017 that I took a veryyyyy looonggggg hiatus because of personal reasons and PC problems; that same year the servers were getting transferred from Cherry Credits to Eyedentity.
    I know that it's useless and I'm already three months too late to transfer account data BUT here's the kicker:
    I already transferred accounts by the time they announced the server migration in September 2017.

    I precisely followed the procedure: set up an EYE account, click Transfer Now, verify here and there...done! I thought I could leave it as is so I could go fix up my PC.

    Now I got a new PC (after old PC died of fried hardware while fixing up), I thought I could come back to play as usual but NOOOOOOO my character screen was b l a n k, no data of my characters from my last known session whatsoever. I thought I lost hope to come back when...
    I looked up the guild that I previously joined, I found my main Sorceress on the member list.

    At first I thought it was hacked but I was never notified of any account changes (because by right you should get an email for any changes done), and I used the same email address for my Cherry account when I set up my EYE account last September. There were no other major changes on both accounts since then.

    Case in point:
    How is it that my main can exist in the current Eyedentity servers if the character/login screen has none of my characters at all? I didn't change emails or anything. I found no sign of an account breach.
    I cannot brain that my old account data had become a ghost in the servers when it's supposed to be under my new EYE account by now?

    I submitted a ticket btw. So in the meantime I would probably need the word of other peeps here to give me a bit of advise to work around.

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    stranger things


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      Have you gotten any reply?