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[Bug] No Boss Picture in Dungeon Selection

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  • [Bug] No Boss Picture in Dungeon Selection

    Whenever I go to a dungeon for quests, and select dungeons that doesn't have any picture of the final bosses, it just go in the loading screen for 0.50seconds and then a black screen pops out until I get disconnected. This is not the only dungeon. The dungeons I remember that have this problem are Volcano Nest, a dungeon in Gray Ruins and Sea Dragon Nest. Not only this. I also cannot see the HP bar of the bosses. I hope devs can check on this problem.

    My laptop Specs
    Processor i7-9th Gen
    GPU: RTX 2060 6gb
    Ram: 8gb *2

    Windows 10 OS Build 17763.805
    Nvidia Version 441.12

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    emmm more likely ur game file than the server itself,
    since no one else found or reporting this kind of issue
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      I agree with the user above. Maybe it's just your file. Have you tried uninstalling-reinstalling of the game?

      P.S. Dragon Nest has three methods for installation of the game, try those first. If the problem persist, comeback to us.
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        Problem solved. Thank you guys