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Stuck on Cinematic intro

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  • Stuck on Cinematic intro

    I get stuck at the cinematic intro where the werewolf appears.

    I downloaded the zip files on the website and I still get multiple corrupted data's for some reason It keeps appearing one after another(i.e the current zip only show the cab 3 has corrupted but when I redownload the cab3, it shows corrupted on the cab6 something like that happens so I don't know if I SHOULD continue downloading the cabs.. it does continue on extracting though.
    now I patched the game hoping the corrupted files will be replaced by the new one.. after finishing the patch update at first I launched the game its just a white screen and error dialogue box appearing but after I set the client to run as admin I can now proceed this far where the werewolf appears..

    error appear when I leave my pc on cinematic like 10 minutes.. the werewolf just move a bit on loop. and I don't know what to do.
    kinda frustrating because I downloaded it on my phone using tethering thats a lot of data and I can't still play. I live in the Philippines so I'm not sure if this is a cause of region blocking (but its a sea server after all)

    I need help.

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    here my thoughts:
    1. usually i dont download large zip file on my phone, probability it got corrupted is high.
    2. (incase u dL manual patch) one of them is corrupted, forgot which one.
    3. if case still persist, simply copy/paste the game file from ur nearest cybercafe.
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      Hi, sorry for the confusion.. I open my mobile data on phone and usb tether it to my computer so technically I downloaded it on my computer but using my phone as an internet supplier.
      I didn't download the manual patch. I patched it using the launcher and was hoping for the best.

      the last option might be the best one but not this time. cafe's here are closed due to Corona.
      I'll try to redownload it again but this time using the one solution. the torrent seems slow to me or its just I'm using a mobile internet. hoping for I can play this time. else I'll be waiting for my internet to be installed this month.. btw I installed it on the Local Disk D my Os installed on HDD and partition it to 2.. if this did not work on Drive D I might move it to C and see if it will work.