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  • Blackscreen!

    omg! Srsly how many times do i need to experience this blackscreen and sudden disconnection sometimes mobs or boss got freeze then dc. My friends also experience this so dont tell me this is random. So frustrating to play this game with this kind of problem. If anyone can suggest on how to fix this blackscreen and sudden freeze please leave a comment.

    Fyi if your suggestion is to check my pc spec dont bother, coz just imagine $10k worth of pc spec. The internet i dont have a problem coz its fine and i ady monitored it and not a single request time out whatsoever.

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    This might sound obvious but you might still want to check your graphics driver if it's updated.

    Also, I would suggest to avoid updating your Windows OS to the latest version because it's quite full of crap.(Causes all kinds of bugs or anything sh*t)
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    • ouenskie
      ouenskie commented
      Editing a comment
      My graphics driver is always updated and on the windows OS is also up to date. I've heared from my friends that they also experience this blackscreen/DC prob even tho they didnt updated their windows OS and only the graphics driver is updated. The thing here is why only DN is affected by this update thing because i have tried other games and only in DN experiencing this DC/Blackscreen prob.