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ART BOOK EVENT (A.K.A DNSEA Green Dragon Fan Art Contest)

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  • ART BOOK EVENT (A.K.A DNSEA Green Dragon Fan Art Contest)

    ART BOOK EVENT (A.K.A DNSEA Green Dragon FanArt Contest)

    What is it about?: Imagine the Green Dragon was turned into a girl/boy. What would she/he look like?
    Then, make your imagination into a drawing and submit it here!
    The top 10 drawings that get the most LIKES on this forum topic wins the contest prize.

    You can submit either hand drawings or digital drawings, but submissions must be your original drawings.
    You must write in your IGN with your submission.

    Copies of other people’s work will be excluded from the event.
    Please read the ‘NOTE’ bellow before participating in the event.

    Who can participate: Players with at least one max level character.

    Where: Post your drawing on the Artbook Event Forum page: HERE!! Submit your drawing by commenting below.

    Don’t forget to vote for your favorite submissions of your fellow DN adventurers!

    Contest period: April 20th ~ May 21st 10:00 AM (GMT+8)

    How the winners will be selected: The top 10 submissions that gets the most likes on the forum event page will be selected as winners.

    Submissions that did not follow the rules will be excluded. Please read the ‘NOTE’ bellow.

    Contest winners announcement date: The 10 winners will be announced on May 24th 10:00 AM (GMT+8)

    Contest prize: The Dragon Nest Art Book!

    The Dragon Nest Art Book will be shipped and delivered to the 10 winners of this event.

    + The winning drawings will be posted on the official website on Tasha’ Blog for everyone to see.



    Thank you for all who have participated

    We will announce the 10 winners of the Art Book Event at 10:00 AM on Thursday, 24th May.

    • You must leave your In-Game Name info when you submit your drawing to participate.
    • Copies of other people’s work or photos will be excluded from the event, and submissions must be your original drawings. Accounts that have copied other people’s work may get banned from the forum and game.
    • Submissions that contain contents that may upset others, such as lewd/pornographic/blood and gore depictions will be excluded. Since this forum is accessible to all-ages and open to everyone, accounts with such submissions may get banned from the forum and/or game in accordance with the Forum Policy.
    • Comments about the submissions containing swearing/slander/derision may get banned from the forum and/or game in accordance to the Forum Policy.
    • You must have at least one character that has achieved max level (Lv.95) to be eligible to win.
    • The top 10 liked submissions that have followed the rules will be selected as the winners, and will be eligible for the prize.
    • Winners that are from countries other than Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines may be excluded from receiving the prize due to delivery issues.
    • Multiple submissions by one person is allowed, but only one will be selected as one of the winners when there are more than one submissions that have garnered the top number of likes.
    • The prize will be sent by oversea delivery and may take over 10 days.
    • The 10 winners will receive an official notification email to your account email address. The Art Book can only be sent after you reply to the official notification email and inform us of your delivery address.
    • At exactly 21st of May 10:00AM (GMT+8), access to the event forum page will be shut down to prohibit any more submissions or revisions. Please make sure you submit before the deadline. After the deadline, we will be tallying up the likes to pick out the top 10 winners.
    • The time zone for this contest is all based on GMT+8.

    We can’t wait to see your ideas on what the fierce Green Dragon would look like if it were to turn into a girl/boy character.

    Please visit the forum site to check out the drawings and give your vote!

    Have fun!

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    I'm having fun


    • Gedion
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      someone unliked me,,sad T_T

    • rhannie
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      For me you're the winner!

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    • Winners that are from countries other than Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines may be excluded from receiving the prize due to delivery issues.
    This is the part that makes me really sad and crush all my hopes and dreams for an artbook. Good luck for the ones who join


    • Tasha
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      We will try not to have any restrictions on the regions for this kind of events for the next time.

    • Nkruma
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      I wasnt expecting a reply! Ty Tasha i'll be looking foward to it in the future.

    • RWalker
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      It crushed my hopes

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    I'm not able to finish it :< I tried my best
    IGN: lLumineuxl
    the l is small L
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    • gamerzdn1
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      Can't see the picture tho

    • Verbena
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      You still have 10 days! "Contest period: April 20th ~ May 21st 10:00 AM (GMT+8)"

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    Hi! I'm Nimfaireza of HighElves Guild
    and this is my GIRL VERSION OF KARAHAN.

    If you notice, I made some big changes around how my Female Karahan is done.
    From how her mighty & prowess attitude till to the bit of her awesomeness.


    PRESS LIKE! :3

    IGN : Nimfaireza

    Left : Vector drawn & colored. No Gradients used. 200 dpi. CMYK
    Right : Vector Lines for line checking.

    Software Used : Adobe Illustrator CC
    Colors used : Combination of CMYK

    If you want to have a HD Copy or a VECTOR COPY of my ARTWORK,
    please feel free to PM me here, and I'll give you a bigger version of my karahan.

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    Always look straight to your goals, conquer them all and have fun.


    • BabyKuri
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      I can see it now. She looks like a tomboyish Karahan but she looks badass (no pun intended).

      Like +1!

    • Nimmienaticz
      Nimmienaticz commented
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      That's what I like to do.
      Make her more badass :3

    • MilleFiyu
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      This is so nice. Up for thiiis Good Luck Nimmy!!!

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Green Dragon.jpg
Views:	89
Size:	44.2 KB
ID:	135964
    IGN: SibyI (capital i)
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    • Cinn
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      sibbyyyy :'D

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    Discord cheek#1686


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      ftr, out of all of them, the green dragon is by far the most stunning one for me, especially when he glows..
      so i decided to interpret the dragon itself and not karahan..

      ign: Frazle

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      “Great Music, it said, and Great Poetry would like quieten Modern Youth down and make Modern Youth more Civilized. Civilized my syphilised yarbles.”


      • Caragelly
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        Well the contest is about the human form of the green dragon not a different version of karahan afterall. At least thats what I think.

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        • SibyI
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          Cinna ♡♡

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        Reserved. -


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          Reserved~ huehue


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            IGN: Exaamon

            not very good at this lmao but every likes are appreciated~! Thank you ! <3

            Want art of your character? Visit my Art Shop!
            deviantART | Instagram


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              IGN: FishyCat

              Harro, im FishyCat from Netorius Guild :3
              Hope you guys like it :3

              Software : Adobe Photoshop
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                IGN: Zingzi
                {OO Yasss That's mah character name ZiiinngZiiinnng}

                Green dragon my boy.I have finally done drawing you
                This is what i manage to come out with the design of this character drawing with just within a few days.I try my best as i can to finish it fast and simple
                Everyone that likes this {i will pour full jar no.. full barrel of holy water on you and you will be bless by holiness all day}
                Thank you and i will appreciate it
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